47 Generations of Family History

47 Generations of Family History

The Triquetra The triquetra is a knot-like formation with three ends, commonly shown interlaced around a circle. The symbol is also known as the symbol of charm, and is used in the depiction of several norse and scandaninavian items such as the Mjölnir.  The Triquetra was heavily used by Norse pagans, as they used articles like pendants resembling the Mjolnir with a Triquetra symbol crafted on it.

The Triquetra The triquetra is a knot-like formation with three ends, commonly shown interlaced around a circle. The symbol is also known as the symbol of charm, and is used in the depiction of several norse and scandaninavian items such as the Mjölnir.

This page showcases 47 generations of family history. Each generation will be accompanied with full sources, an overview of what records I used in my research and a brief biography for each person including all known facts and the connection that exists to the next generation. As the tree moves further in time, we leave behind known factually documented people and delve into an area of genealogy which shouldn’t be taken to seriously because little is known and the very early generations are either mythological or legendary written about in Norse Saga’s.

This page has been created in order to showcase how genealogy can work in researching beyond the parish registers, which many find skeptical or do not believe possible. The research of Common people does effectively end in 1538 when the recording of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials began, but if your fortunate enough to find a link into Nobility or Landed Gentry then you will very likely find a link into the very distant past. These families are well documented and often play an important role in history itself, usually research isn’t needed, everything has already been recorded and well documented for you.

My journey begins with my Grandmother Rosie May Janes, and as we slip further into the past the accumulation of wealth and status slowly increases, until we reach a point where the families are the ruling dynasty’s of England, Conquerors, Legends and finally Mythological.

Generation One – Rosie May Janes (1930 – 1997)
My Grandmother

Generation Two – Hannah Maud Mabel Barrett (1890 – 1957)
My Great Grandmother

Generation Three – Charlotte Anna Diskett (1866 – 1935)
my 2x Great Grandmother

Generation Four – Emma Gale (1829 – 1871)
my 3x Great Grandmother

Generation Five – Jane Best (1792 – 1870)
my 4x Great Grandmother

Generation Six – Hannah Mintern (1774 – 1806)
my 5x Great Grandmother

Generation Seven – Henry Mintern (1740 – 1812)
my 6x Great Grandfather

Generation Eight – Samuel ‘the Younger of Hooke’ Mintern (1713 – )
my 7x Great Grandfather

Overview of my journey so far

Generation Nine – Hannah Draper – (1685 – after 1747 )
my 8x Great Grandmother

Generation Ten – John ‘alias Garliford’ Draper Gent (1650 – 1699)
my 9x Great Grandfather

Generation Eleven – John ‘alias Galliver’ Draper (1620 – after 1658 )
my 10x Great Grandfather

Elinor Minterne’s Family Connections

Page One – Pocahontas

Page Two – The Elizabethan Court

Page Three – The Spanish Armada

Generation Twelve – Elinor Minterne (1600 – 1631)
my 11x Great Grandmother

Maye Family Tree and Coat of Arms

Generation Thirteen – Frances Maye (1581 – 1631)
my 12x Great Grandmother

Generation Fourteen – John ‘of Charterhouse’ Maye Gent (1540 – 1590 )
my 13x Great Grandfather

Generation Fifteen – Robert ‘of Charterhouse Hidon Upon Mendip’ MAYE (1512 – 1573)
my 14x Great Grandfather

Generation Sixteen – Robert Maye (1470 – after 1512 )
my 15x Great Grandfather

Generation Seventeen – John ‘of Melsham’ MAYE (1430 – after 1470 )
my 16x Great Grandfather

Despenser Family Tree

Generation Eighteen – Elizabeth Spencer (1389 – after 1430)
my 17x Great Grandmother

Generation Nineteen – Sir Hugh “Justiciar of South Wales” le DESPENCER Knt (1359 – 1401)
my 18x Great Grandfather

Generation Twenty – Sir Hugh le DESPENCER Knt (1339 – 1374)
my 19x Great Grandfather

Generation Twenty One – Sir Edward le DESPENSER Knt (1310 – 1342)
my 20x Great Grandfather

De Clare Family Tree

Generation Twenty Two – Eleanor ‘Alianore’ de CLARE (1292 – 1337)
my 21x Great Grandmother

Generation Twenty Three – Joan ‘of Acre’ “Princess of England” PLANTAGENET (1272 – 1307)
my 22x Great Grandmother

Generation Twenty Four – Edward I ‘Atheling’ ‘Longshanks’ “King of England” PLANTAGENET (1239 – 1309)
my 23x Great Grandfather

Generation Twenty Five – Henry III ‘of Winchester’ “King of England” PLANTAGENET (1207 – 1272)
my 24x Great Grandfather

Generation Twenty Six – John I ‘Lackland’ “King of England” PLANTAGENET (1167 – 1216)
my 25x Great Grandfather

Generation Twenty Seven – Henry II ‘Curtmantle’ “King of England” PLANTAGENET (1133 – 1189)
my 26x Great Grandfather

Generation Twenty Eight – Matilda “Empress of Germany” of ENGLAND (1102 – 1167)
my 27x Great Grandmother

Generation Twenty Nine – Henri I ‘Beauclerc’ “King of England” (1068 – 1135)
my 28x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty – Guillaume ‘William’ I ‘Le Conquérant’ “King of England” de NORMANDIE (1027 – 1087)
my 29x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty One – Robert I ‘the Devil’ “Duke of Normandy” de NORMANDIE (1000 – 1035)
my 30x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty Two – Richard II “Duke of Normandy” ‘The Good’ de NORMANDIE (958 – 1027)
my 31x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty Three – Richard I ‘The Fearless’ de NORMANDIE (933 – 996)
my 32x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty-Four – Guillaume I ‘Longsword’, “2nd Duc de Normandie” de NORMANDIE (900 – 943)
my 33x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty Five – Robert ‘Rollo’ of Norway “1st Duke of Normandy” RAGNVALDSSON (860 – 931)
my 34x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty Six – Ragnvald ‘the wise of More’ “Count of Maer” EYSTEINSSON (830 – 894)
my 35x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty Seven – Eystein Glumra ‘the Noisy’ “Earl of Hendemarken” “Earl of Oppland” IVARSSON (805 – 875)
my 36x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty Eight – Ivar Oplaendinge “Jarl of Oppland” HALFDANSSON (780 – 824)
my 37x Great Grandfather

Generation Thirty Nine – Halfdan ‘The Old’ SVEIDASSON (750 – 800)
my 38x Great Grandfather

Halfdan ‘The Old’ SVEIDASSON claims descent from the following people, although there are clearly missing generations, these following ancestors shouldn’t be taken to seriously they are simply written about in Norse Legends.

Legendary Kings

Generation Forty – Sveidi ‘Sveiði’ “the Sea King” HEYTIRSSON

Generation Forty One – Heiti ‘Heytir’ “King in Kvenland” GORRSSON (425 – 499)

Generation Forty Two – Gór THORRASSON (365 – 425)

Generation Forty Three – Thorri “King in Kvenland” SNAERSSON (320 – 365)

Generation Forty Four – Snaer (Svaer) ‘King of Kvenland’ JOKULSSON (275 – 340)

Mythological Kings

Generation Forty Five – Frosti ‘Jøkull’ “King of Kvenland” KARASSON (240 – 274)

Generation Forty Six – Kari ‘Wind’ “King of Kvenland” FORNJOTSSON (189 – 240)

Generation Forty Seven – Fornjotur ‘Fornjotur’, ‘Fornjótr’ “King of Kvenland” (160 – 250)

64 thoughts on “47 Generations of Family History

  1. This was awesome. My Great Grandfathers started at your Generation 38. It was nice being able to read all the sagas you put together. I had already spent about 1000 plus hours on my family tree and mostly my Grandpa Harrington’s side which is the one you posted. SO, it looks like we are long lost relatives. I was so excited to find out this week that Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson is my close relative in about 4 different ways. I tell you that man got around. It took me two days to find all his partners and to figure out which kid went with which woman. He has children with both of Eystein Glumra Ivarsson’s wives. Also loved that Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones and I are cousins. We have the same 24th GGF. Love your website and I know it took tons of time to get together. You did a great job.

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