Elinor Minterne’s Family Connections, Page 3

Elinor Minterne is my 11th Great Grandmother, she is also the next generation I am due to write about in my recent posts showcasing 47 generations of family history.

A full list of these generations can be viewed here.

Before I write about her life, I have been showcasing some of her family connections as the Minterne family married well and were connected to some very important families and historical events.

The Minterne family tree has been my biggest area of research this year and I have worked on this tree alongside an American cousin.

This third family tree showcases a connection between Elinor Minterne to the Browne’s of Frampton, Dorset and more importantly Sir John Browne who assisted Queen Elizabeth I and helped defeat the Spanish Armada. Sir John Browne was knighted on the 23rd July 1603 in the Royal Garden at Whitehall just days before the King James Coronation.

Frampton Court, home of Browne’s is built on an old Benedictine priory, demolished during the years of King Henry VIII. In the 1700’s the last Benedictine had appeared at the Browne’s dinner table, and placed a curse on them. No first-born son would ever inherit the estate.

Since that day, no male heir has ever inherited Frampton Court, their lines simply die out.

The Minterne family connection to Sir John Browne of Frampton and the Defeat of the Spanish Armada

The Minterne family connection to Sir John Browne of Frampton and the Defeat of the Spanish Armada

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