3 Women, 3 Lives, 3 Tragic Stories

Lydia had been glaring up towards the peeling paint on the ceiling for over an hour, her glassy eyes, were deep and thoughtful, she knew her time was near. “Are you in any pain”, said a voice beside her, She didn’t glance towards the voice, just carried on staring into nothingness, but through her cracked dry lips she spoke with a croaky voice “There is only one pain that burdens me, One that I often feel, It’s a pain that cannot be fixed, but caused by the absence of those that should be here” Those were the last words that Lydia Mumford spoke, as she passed away from this world and into the next, her death marked the end of a near 100 year tragedy that had befallen three generations of women in her family history, including her mother and grandmother.

This is the true story of 3 Women, 3 Lives, 3 Tragic Stories – Filmed in 4K – A Full Historical Documentary.

This story is set in the Georgian era and Victorian era and portrays a sad touching story called ‘Into Dust’ about Love and Loss. The Real life stories showcased are about the Mayhew Girls, 3 women who faced unprecedented and harrowing lives.

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