Thomas Bullock, Lord Of Barkham & Arborfield (1482 – 1558)

Thomas Bullock was my 14th great-grandfather

The family name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon, “bulluca”, a young bull, and being linked to the old Anglian and Norman Christian name Osmund, represents one of the earliest instances of an English hereditary surname that was a purely personal nickname in origin.

Bullock is the surname of an English family that traces its roots to the County of Berkshire in the 12th century. Notable members of the family of Arborfield, and later of Faulkbourne in Essex, include Robert Bullock (d. 1405) Sheriff for the Counties of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, Sir Edward Bullock of Falkborne (c. 1580 – 1644), Edward Bullock (1663–1705) M.P and High Sheriff of Essex, Colonel John Bullock (1731–1809) M.P, Professor Walter Llewellyn Bullock (1890–1944) and Sir Christopher Bullock (1891–1972).

Guy Henry Bullock (1887-1956), who reconnoitered Mount Everest with George Mallory in 1921, was a member of the Radwinter branch.

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