Edward Brooker of Ashurst Manor (1450 – 1486)

Edward Brooker was born sometime during the reign of King Henry VI, possibly c. 1450 or shortly before. His story has been lost to history and only ever mentioned as part of the Perior of Godalming family history. Edward is my 15th great-grandfather, he lived through the late medieval period and last years of the hundred years war, and would have played witness to the Plantagenet wars known to us as the wars of the roses.

Very little is known about him or which family he descended from and there seems to be no explanation as to why he held such a prominent Manor during this time, Ashurst Manor nr. Horsham, Sussex.

It is recorded in old pedigree’s that he was the husband of Agnes, who once widowed went onto to marry a John Awdymer. Edward and Agnes had issue; three daughters. Anne, Margaret and Juliana (also known as Julia), It is through Julia and her second marriage with John Peryor, Charter Warden of Godalming that my family descend.

Juliana was heiress to her father’s holdings and she shared joint ownership the manor of Ashurst with her eldest sister, Ann Brooker wife of John Hyberden.

It is recorded that Edward Brooker died in the year 1486 or just before, so he would have been relatively young. Perhaps his death is connected in someway with the civil wars of that period.

It is also possible that his surname ‘Brooker’ could also be spelt as ‘Broker’, this name appears in some 14th century Sussex manuscripts.

Below is my pedigree.


Edward ‘of Ashurst’ BROOKER (1450 – 1486)
15th great-grandfather

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