Can anyone help locate Ukrainian Records

My paternal ancestry is Polish / Ukrainian and sadly I don’t know much about this area of my family history due to language barriers, location and a lack of resources. I am hopeful that I will one day break this brick wall and learn more about my Eastern European heritage. Perhaps someone with more experience or knowledge can help in this field.

My grandfather was Jan ‘John’ Kuta, born on the 18th January 1824 in the village of Katerynychi (Katerinichi, Katerynychi) (Lviv oblast, Horodok district), Ukraine. His parents were Michal and Katarzyna Kuta and the family were ROMAN CATHOLIC.

The RC Parish church for Katerynychi is located in nearby Komarno – Roman-Catholic Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


 This church dates back to 1658 and fell out of disuse during the many 20th century atrocities that blighted Ukraine that includes WWII, In 1946, the Russians turned the church into a warehouse, it was eventually returned to the faithful in 1981 and now exists as a Greek Catholic Church which I would guess is the predominant Ukrainian Religion/Denomination.

What I need help with is locating the parish records for this church as it was whilst in Roman Catholic hands.

Do they still exist or were they destroyed when the Nazis invaded and incarcerated many in forced labour camps including my own family.

 As far as I’m aware, my family never returned to their homeland they relocated to Bethune, France as refugees and my grandfather eventually came to England.