Gór THORRASSON (365 – 425)

47 Generations of Family History

Generation 42

Legendary Viking Kings.


(also known as: Gorr)

King of Kvenland

Sea King



Father: Thorri “King in Kvenland” SNAERSSON

Issue: Heiti ‘Heytir’ “King in Kvenland” GORRSSON

Beiti “Sea-King” GORRSSON

Meitir “Sea-King” GORRSSON



It is believed that Gór lived between 365 AD – 425 AD

Gór had sons named Heiti and Beiti and according to Hversu Noregr byggdist (‘How Norway was Settled’) two other sons named Meitir and Geitir. Heiti and Beiti often made war against their cousins the sons of Nór.

Beiti the sea-king had one of his ships put on sledge runners and so passed in the ship over the snow-covered land starting from what was afterwards called Beitstad on Beitstadfjorden from Beiti’s named and passing north across Ellidæid (Elliðæið ‘Galley-neck’) to Naumu Dale (Naumudal) with his father Gór in the ship with his hand on the tiller. So, by the agreement that had been made between Nór and Gór, the land between the path of the ship and the sea became Beiti’s.

The names of Beiti’s descendants are missing from Hversu Noregr byggdist (‘How Norway was Settled’). Heiti the sea-king was the father of Svadi (Svaði). Geitir was father of Glammi and Gylfi; and Meitir the sea-king was father of two sons named Mævil and Myndil (Myndill), Myndil being father of two sons named Ekkil (Ekkill) and Skekkil (Skekkill).

Fundinn Noregr (‘Norway Found’) speaks only of Gór’s son Heiti as the father of Sveidi (Sveiði) the father of Halfdan the Old, who confusingly is named identically to Halfdan the Old who is a descendant of Nór. But it is from Halfdan the Old who is called a descendant of Gór from whom springs at last the Jarls of Orkney who are the subject of the Orkneyinga saga.

Orkneyinga saga

Gorr had the isles, and for that he was called a sea-king;  his sons were Heiti and Beiti, they were also sea-kings and mighty overbearing men.  They made many inroads on the realm of Norr’s sons, and they had many battles, and not one or the other won the day.  Beiti ran into Drontheim and warred there;  he lay where it is now called Beitsea and Beitstede;  thence he made them drag his ship from the innermost bight of Beitstede, and so north over Elduneck, that is where the Naumdales come down from the north.  He sat himself on the poop and held the tiller in his hand, and claimed for his own all that land that then lay on the larboard, and that is many tilths and much land.  Heiti, Gorr’s son, was father of Sveiði the sea-king, the father of Halfdan the old, the father of Ivar the Uplanders’ earl, the father of Eystein the noisy, the father of earl Rognvald the mighty and the wise in council.


Source: GenealogieOnline

Stephen Robert Kuta


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