Criminal and Lunacy Records from my Family History

Genealogist’s often find criminal and lunatic ancestors an interesting area of research, so much so, that many records relating to this are constantly being released.

Below is a list of known convicts in my family tree, the list isn’t complete and more will be added.

William Reubon Plaskett (1844 – 1918)

Abandoned his children and attacked his daughter in-law, stabbing her in the stomach whilst pregnant with a Shoemakers tool. spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital.

Maria Elizabeth Carter (1854 – 1914)

Abandoned her children

William Janes (1805 – 1868)

Rape, Transported for 7 years.

Henry Mintern (1769 – 1850)

Vagrancy / Stealing Potatoes / Larceny / Sheep stealing / Beastiality / Indecent Exposure.

Michael Gilham (1691 – )

Transported to Maryland for an unknown crime

Margaret Buck (1825 – 1863)


John Hounsell (1800 – 1862)

Poaching / Robbing a Garden / Stealing Wheat / Suspected of Murdering his wife, poisoning her so he could marry his neighbour.

Elizabeth Minton (1803 – 1881)

Suspected of Murdering her husband, so she could marry her neighbour.

Samuel Bellamy (1689 – 1717)

Piracy and drowned at sea

James Brockett (1650 – )

Ordered to stand in the pillory at Charing Cross

William Davis (1621 – 1690)

Highwayman and Murder, Hung at Tyburn and his dead body hung in chains at Bagshot Heath, Surrey

John Bennet (1640 – 1689)

Highwayman, Hung at Tyburn

William Price Barker Leggett (1881 – 1973)

Burglary (4 years prison) and assisting to commit murder (10 years)

served his prison sentence in a San Francisco Prison.

John Beauchamp (1825 – 1911)

Manslaughter, for killing his wife

Daniel Solomon (1702 – 1766)

Branded for the manslaughter of his wife