De Clare Family Tree (1035 – 1406)

The De Clare family were Norman Lords,
Descended from a companion of William the Conqueror.

Present at the Battle of Hastings,
Married into Royalty,
Ancestors of millions of people alive today.

My recent post Generation 21 – Sir Edward le Despenser, Knt – (1310 – 1342) was the son of Eleanor de Clare, who I will be writing about shortly through my 47 generation journey.

Below is a brief outline of the de Clare family and their family tree covering the dates (1035 – 1406).

The de Clare family of Norman lords were associated with the Welsh Marches, Suffolk, Surrey, Kent (especially Tonbridge) and Ireland. They were descended from Richard fitz Gilbert, who accompanied William the Conqueror into England during the Norman conquest of England.In the paternal line they were illegitimate descendants of the House of Normandy, through one of Richard I, Duke of Normandy’s sons Geoffrey, Count of Eu.

Further information about the De Clare Family can be found here.

De Clare Family Tree

De Clare Family Tree


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