This page is an index of people in my family tree associated with Witchcraft.

This page is also a follow up of the following posts.

Hunting for Witches in your family tree

Joan of Arc – My Family Connections – Charles VII of France



Anne Catterall
1539 – 1612
Victim of the Pendle Witches



Anne Boleyn
1506 – 1536
Accused of Witchcraft

Dame Alice Kyteler
1280 – 1325
The Sorceress of Kilkenny

Eleanor Cobham
1410 – 1452
Accused of Witchcraft

Juana de Navarre
1370 – 1437
Accused of Witchcraft

Jane Sherburne
B. 1585
Witch of Samlesbury

Thomas Campe
1561 – 1625
Of Nazeing, Essex

George Burroughs
1650 – 1692
Salem Witch

Jacquetta de Luxembourg
1415 – 1417
Accused of Witchcraft

Sir John Minterne, Parson of Langton
1542 – 1592
The Dark Conjurer of Batcombe



Susannah Aylott (Nee: Harvey)
1668 – 1730

Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Lincoln & Winchester
1375 – 1447


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