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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. this is very interesting..i am a decendent of henderson carter..who married matilda trimm…i think we are distant cousins…this has been a good help in my ancestory search.
    norma baxter brown on f.b.

  2. Hi, my name is Claes Wahl and I’m a family researcher of Gotlandic decsent. I’m interested in what you know about the soruce/sources of the name “Svaer”, that is often used instead of “Snaer” but – to my knowledge – without giving a source.

    I’m asking because the name “Svaer” may be associated with the name “Swarte”, a Norse dynasty of some repute. In fact, “Swartehögen” (Black´s Burrial Mound) is the most frequent name of Nordic and North European Stone and Bronze Age burrial mounds, suggesting that the Swarte Dynasty is very old and that it was very powerful (there are also a few Viking Period Swartehögen). Accirding to the Völuspa poem, “Surtr” (Swarte) is the leader of the “eotuns'” (Goths’?) war against the Aesir Gods leading up to Ragnarökkr. A Brinze handle of a battele shield gound in Illerup Aadal in Skanderup, Jutland, and that has been dated 206 BC is inscribed with the old futhark runes “SWART A”, suggesting that Swart(a) was a Jutnish king or War leader (eril / jarl) fallen in defence of his (lost) kingdom.

    A link between the names Svaer and Swarte is suggested by the old names of the city of Schwerin, Pomeriania. In Medieval latin Schwerin is called “Suarin” and in Medieval Slavic (Obitrite) Schwerin is called “Swartzyn”, pertaining to “Swarte’s kyn” (i.e., Swarte’s folk). In Gesta denorum Saxo “grammaticus” mentions a Gotlandic governor “Suarin”, who may, therefore, be the latin form of the Medieval nomen for “Swarte” / “Svaer”. Hence, Suarin must have beedn a Gotlandic Landsdomare / President.

    Bets regards


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