Famous Family Connections

Many of us will stumble upon famous connections in our family history and if your like me, I will often go looking for them. How people connect in our families is very interesting and its a good way to showcase the fun side of family history.

This page is a work in progress, but below you will find a list of all known famous connections in my family, or at least the ones I have so far posted about, This list include both Celebrities and Historical People.

Elvis Presley


Calamity Jane

Sir John Browne (Spanish Armada)

Sir Walter Buckler – Princess Elizabeth’s Chamberlain and Queen Catherine Parr’s Private Secretary.

Sir John Wolley – Queen Elizabeth I, Latin Secretary.

Elizabeth More – Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth I

Sir Francis Wolley – Queen Elizabeth I, Godson


Andrew Buckler (1573 – 1625)
Explorer / Adventurer

Dame Alice Kyteler
the Witch of Kilkenny

Lawrence Eliot , Botanist (1550 – 1619) – The Golden Hind and the Spanish Armada

Saint Margaret of Scotland (1045 – 1093)

Joan of Arc


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