My Family Connection to the King of Rock N’ Roll

I decided to put this family connection together for my nephew Nicholas, who like his grandmother is a big fan of Elvis.
Elvis is an 18th cousin 2x removed to my nephew Nicholas.

My Family Connection to Elvis Presley

My Family Connection to Elvis Presley

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8 thoughts on “My Family Connection to the King of Rock N’ Roll

    • I already know the names of my ancestor’s so all I need to do is check the ancestry of the person I am interested in. Most famous people already have completed family trees, I just need to cross reference this information with listed biographies and any sources available without going to much in depth. I check Wikipedia, Ancestry, National Biographies, online trees and so on and I look for a link. I don’t look for any documents just facts.
      I checked for connections with the Beatles, John Lennon’s family history is Irish, so no links. I have very little Irish blood and very distant.
      Paul and George descend from the same people, but my links into this tree are very distant about 12th century. Ringo is very difficult, people have attempted to research his tree but there is a lot discrepancies in the trees.
      I have looked at Doris Days family history but she’s German. Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe have no links to my own ancestry, or as far as I can tell, but their ancestry is incomplete.
      There are other famous I know I’m related too, George Washington, Horatio Nelson, Vincent Price and I might put these together at a later stage. It makes family history a little more interesting and it’s a little bit of fun too. 🙂

      • Thanks for the explanation. How do you find these celebrity trees? Just google? Ancestry?

        For me, of course, this would never work since I can only get back to about 1775 or so at the earliest on my trees, If there was someone famous living today or even in the last century who was related to me, I am sure by now I would have found that person!

      • There is a lot of interest in celebrity trees, a few days ago Find My Past posted on Facebook the family connection for Benedict Cumberbatch and the real life Enigma code breaker Alan Turing, to coincide with the release of the movie. I also share the same ancestor.
        When looking for celebrity trees, I always start with Wikipedia, and list all the details on there. Usually it includes there parents, sometimes even grandparents.
        I then check their details against trees on Ancestry, usually it returns hundreds. Some partially completed and so on. I search online too and cross reference details. If I see a name which could match, I search that person and so on, until I build up a bigger picture and tree. Some celeb trees are available by searching online. In my own research I have come across references that celebrity’s also descend from the person I am researching, which is how I knew about Cher and also Vincent Price.
        Some celebs descend from a long line of famous people and their trees are well documented.
        It just a matter of looking and see what you find.
        There are lots of very famous Jewish people, Woody Allen and so on. But yes your right, because my tree has been researched back to medieval times and earlier, my chances of connections are very high. Queen Elizabeth II for instance is my 17th cousin.

      • Thanks for the tips. When I need a break, I will take a peak at some Jewish famous people to see if we even came from the same towns!

    • I agree it’s a fun way of getting youngsters interested in genealogy. It’s something they can relate to easily. When my nephew sees the link on his Facebook page he going to be very interested and possibly even amazed by it all.
      Mohammed Ali is a fab link too 🙂

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