The Last Will and Testament of Robert A’stone of Dillton, Shere – 1609


Robert Astone of Dillton, Shere, yeoman, sick 20 Apr 1609 (to be buried in the church; at burial 3s 4d to poor) to my wife Mary Astone all my lands in Shere until eldest son John Stone is 21; to my daughter Ann Stone and my wife Mary’s child she is pregnant with £90 between them at 21; to my son John all lands when 21 with successive remainders to my son Robert Stone, my son Henry Stone and my youngest son James Stone; eldest son John shall pay £7 p.a. for seven years to my six children; residue to my wife Mary, exec. Overseers: (Mr) Henry Weston of Ockham, jnr.; John Risbridger of Shere; George Stopffould of Cranleigh (3s 4d each)

Witnesses: Thomas Stone; Richard Hunton

Proved: 5 Sep 1609 to exec.

Reference: [DW/PA/7/8 ff.63r-v; DW/PA/5/1609/5]

Court: Surrey Archdeaconry Court