The Legend of Davis and Bennet – The Golden Farmer of Bagshot

The Legend of William Davis ‘The Golden Farmer’ and John Bennett, Highwayman of Bagshot

Saturday the 20th of December, 1690 

William Davis, was put into a Cart, and conveyed to Salisbury-court end in Fleetstreet, near the Place where he committed the Murder, for which he received Sentence, 

and there having made a short Prayer, he gave the Executioner the Word or Sign to do his Office, and was accordingly executed, without making any Speech or Exhortation.

He was hung by the neck until dead.

A Gibbet was erected following his Execution, and his body was taken to bagshot heath, Surrey where he was hung from the gibbet opposite his house.

John Bennet alias Freeman a tall, black man, well set, with black hair was tried for robbery and executed at Tyburn on Monday the 22nd December 1690.

He too was hung until dead, but the fate of his dead body was less severe. He was buried, the golden farmer however hung from those chains for more than 100 years.

Below is the full narrated story of the Golden Farmer.

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