The Last Will and Testament of William Campe of Nazeing – 1598

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Name: William Campe 

Location: Nazeing 

Status: Husbandman 

Date signed: 20 November, 1591

Date Probated: March 1598 

Executrix: Elyzabeth & Catherin (daughters)

Overseer: John Shelly (brother-in-law)

Witnesses: Robert Graves, Nycholas Campe & Henry Dowsett 

Wife: Dorthie Greygoose

Daughters: Elizabeth, Catherin & Margery

In the name of God Amen. The XXth Day of November in the yeare of our lord god 1591 And in the xxxiiiith yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Ladye Elyzabeth by the grace of god of England ffrance & Ireland Queene Defender of the faith  I William Campe of Nassing in the Countie of Essex husbandman beinge weake in bodye yet of perfecte remembrance thanks be given to god therefore / Do ordaine & make this my laste will & testamente in manner & forme followinge ////  Imprimis I geve & bequeath my soule into ye tuition of my lord Jesus my redemer & my body to the earth from whence yt came / Item I geve & bequeath unto Doratie my wyfe All my houshold stuffe that was her owne in her widdowhed whatsoever Also I geve unto Doratie my wyfe one brasse pott having a lytle lyppe broke out of it for her owne use for the terme of her natural lyfe and after her Decease the saide pott shall remaine to Elizabeth my Daughter / Also I geve unto my wyfe one skyllet pann of brasse one platter of pewter i pewter Dishe & i latten Candlesticke / Also I geve unto my wyfe the bedsted, the matte, the feather bed, the boulster & the coverlet that I nowe lye in during her lyfe and after her Decease the sayd bedd with the furnyture above marked [named] shall remayne to ye use of Catherin my Daughter / Also I geve unto my wyfe iii payer of towen sheetes the lyttle chest which stand at my bedsfeet / Allso I geve unto my wyfe one Cowe which she shall thinke good to choose amonge / Item I will that my wood shallbe devided into three partes whereof the one parte I geve unto my wyfe one other parte unto Elyzabeth my Daughter one other parte unto Catheren my other Daughter Also I will that my haye shalbe Devided into three partes & the one parte I geve unto Doratie my wyfe one other parte unto Elyzabeth my Daughter the other parte unto Cathren my Daughter / Item I geve unto Margery Campe my Daughter one payer of towen sheets / Item I give unto Catherne my Daughter the Choyse of the beafs after her mother & the other Cowe I geve unto Elyzabeth my Daughter All the Ressidue of my goods I geve & bequeath unto Elyzabeth & Catherin my two Daughters whome I doe ordayne myne Executors  Also I doe Desire John Shelley my brother to be myne overseer to this my last will & testament & for his paines I geve hym Twelvepence In witnesse whereof I the said William Campe have set to my hand in the presence of these parties whose names are here under wrytten

William Campe /X\ marke

John Burdall (signature)

Robart graves (signature)

Nycholas Campe (signature)

Henry Dowsett (signature

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