Extract of Will – Philip Mead – 1471

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Philip Mede died in 1475, having dated his will on 11 January 1471. He ordered his body to be buried at the altar of St. Stephen, in the church of St Mary Redcliffe, to which he was a benefactor. His will included the following Latin text: Lego corpus sepeliendum in ecclesia Beatae Mariae de Redcliff, juxta altare Sancti Stephani Martyris. Vicario ecclesiae de Redcliffe 20 solidos; fabricae ecclesiae unam pipam glasti. Omnia maneria terras, &c., in comitata Somerset et Bristol Isabellae uxori meae, remaneant Ricardo Mede filio meo, remaneant Maricio Berkeley et Isabellae filiae meae uxori ejus. Ordino et constituo executores testamenti mei Isabellam uxorem meam, Mauricium Berkeley, Isabellam uxorem ejus filiam meam, et Ricardum filium; (“I bequeath my body for burial in the church of the Blessed Mary of Radcliffe, next to the altar of St Stephen the Martyr. To the vicar of the church of Radcliffe (I bequeath) 20 shillings; to the fabric of the church one pipe of woad. All the manors and lands, etc., in the county of Somerset and in Bristol of Isabella my wife shall remain to Richard Mede my son, (and) shall remain to Maurice Berkeley and to Isabella my daughter, his wife. I order and constitute as executors of my will Isabella my wife, Maurice Berkeley, Isabella his wife and my daughter, and Richard my son”)

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