South Africa

Friday 25th January 2019, I have a trip planned to Cape Town. Which got me thinking about some of my family connections to South Africa – All of which are Military.

Three names stand out;

William Richard Gilham Myhill (1879 – 1945), my third great-uncle. Born at sea just off the Cape Coast on his family’s journey back to England.

William Ethelbert Myhill (1840 – 1910), my third great-grandfather. Father to the above William and was in military service in South Africa in the late 1870’s. The 13th Regiment of foot. Surprisingly he was there with his family too.

Frank Bean (1869 – 1957), my second great-grandfather. Frank was a Boer War veteran and firstly served in India as part of the Rifle Brigade, the Prince Consort’s own before joining with the 135 Company Yeomanry. He took part in the siege of Ladysmith, which took place between 2 November 1899 and 28 February 1900. The defensive left a big mark on him and as a result he honoured his eldest daughter the name Lilian Audery Ladysmith Bean (1901 – 1989) and his eldest son, my great-grandfather also went onto name his daughter Lilian Audery Ladysmith Bean (1928 – 1985).

The illustration below is a sketch, drawn from an old photo I have off Frank.

Frank Bean.jpeg

An illustration and true likeness of Frank Bean, sketched and remembered for the part he played during the siege of Ladysmith. Please feel free to use this image, but please credit the artist; ‘Lawrence Tan’

So with my upcoming trip, not only do I plan to have a great time but I will also be on the lookout for antique shops and maybe something related to the Boer War too.

Stephen Robert Kuta


2 thoughts on “South Africa

    • Hi Amy, I will be in Capetown. No safari planned though, which is a shame. As I am only away for a week, so not a huge amount of time. Have lots planned though, and looking forward to the break.
      It’s lovely to know that two of my direct ancestors were once there. 😉

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