Edmund Gray of Ketteringham

Recently I received a message for a new DNA match (through my aunt’s kit) with my 8x great-grandmother Martha Wrighte of Norfolk. She was married twice, firstly to Robert Gray (1691 – 1728) and secondly to Robert Poole (1692 – 1749). The DNA match connected to Martha only as my lineage exists through Robert Gray and my cousin through Robert Poole.

The image below shows this connection.


This new match raised my interest in this distant branch of Gray. The surname is one that appears a few times in my tree both paternally and maternally and I have an extensive tree for the family dating back to the Norman conquest. This particular line however has reached a brick wall.

The patriarch of the family is Edmund Gray of Ketteringham and Norwich, my 11x great-grandfather, and the pedigree below showcases this connection (including direct links to my ancestry tree).

Edmund ‘of Ketteringham and Norwich’ GRAY (1620 – )
11th great-grandfather
Robert ‘of Norwich’ GRAY (1647 – )
Son of Edmund ‘of Ketteringham and Norwich’ GRAY
Robert GRAY (1672 – )
Son of Robert ‘of Norwich’ GRAY
Robert GRAY (1691 – 1728)
Son of Robert GRAY
John GRAY (1714 – )
Son of Robert GRAY
Juliet GRAY (1745 – 1815)
Daughter of John GRAY
Elizabeth SEAGO (1777 – 1833)
Daughter of Juliet GRAY
Elizabeth CRANE (1802 – 1842)
Daughter of Elizabeth SEAGO
William Ethelbert MYHILL (1840 – 1910)
Son of Elizabeth CRANE
Caroline Eliza MYHILL (1874 – 1909)
Daughter of William Ethelbert MYHILL
Thomas Walter Frank BEAN (1903 – 1965)
Son of Caroline Eliza MYHILL
William Llewellyn BEAN (1931 – )
Son of Thomas Walter Frank BEAN
Christine Angela Deborah BEAN (1957 – )
Daughter of William Llewellyn BEAN
Stephen Robert KUTA
You are the son of Christine Angela Deborah BEAN

But who was Edmund Gray of Ketteringham?

Interestingly, Ketteringham appears in my tree already through my paternal family history and the first of his name to settle here was Sir Henry de Grey of Ketteringham born about 1388 and a son of Sir Thomas de Grey of Heton (1359 – 1400) and Lady Jane Mowbray (1368 – 1402), who are my 18x great-grandparents.

So could this Henry who is currently listed as my 18x great-uncle actually be a direct grandparent?

This Henry is known to have had two children, (i) Henry Grey, Sheriff of Norfolk (ii) Eleanor Gray.

Eleanor was married to a Robert Martyn, gent and it is believed that Henry had no issue, but died in Ketteringham, He left in his will his estate to the Martyn Family. Which is interesting as I descend from the Martin / Martyn family through this same line, Juliet Gray (1745 – 1815) was a daughter of John Gray and Ann Martin.

Off cause I have a gap of more than 100 years, and a lot of research to go until I finally break down this wall.

Stephen Robert Kuta


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