The Last Will and Testament of John Holyworthy – 1562

The Last Will and Testament of John Holworthy, Gentleman of Langdon, Somerset – 1562.

John Holyworthy of Langdon was born circa 1500 in Somerset, England and died in the year 1562 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

John is my 15th great-grandfather and the eldest known family member on this particular branch.

He was father to at least six children; Helen, Agnes, Philip, Christian, Robert and John

Below is a transcribed copy of his last will and testament, written as originally intended.

In the name of God amen the last daye of December in the yere of o’
lord a thousande fyve hundreth three score & twooe and in the fyfte
yeare of the reigne of o’ moast gracious sovereigne Ladye Queue Eliza-
bethe John Holworthie of Langdon in the Countie of Somersett gentle-
man knowinge that all flessh must nedes perisshe and consume to dust
from whence it came And that we must departe from this worlde but
the houre of death no man knoweth But it is reserved to almightie
god o’ heavenlie father therefore whilest tyme and oportunitie doth
serve being of whole mynde and perfitt remembrace praised be the
Almightie God for it doo make and ordeine this my psente testamet and
last will in man’ and forme followinge First I comende my soule to al-
mightie god my maker and redemor and by hym onelie I trust to be
saved and my bodye to be buried in place conveinent where it shall
seeme good to my executor Item I gyve and bequeth to the Churche
of Wells twelue pence Item I give and bequeathe to the poore people of
the parishe of Kinges brompton three shillinges fowre pence Item I
will and bequeathe that all suche dettes as I doe ow of righte or ells of
conscience be well and trulie paide by my excutoure Also by this my
last will and testa* I will gyve and beaqueathe vnto my daughter Chris-
tian the some of fourtie markes of good and lawfull money of Englande
to be paide to her at the daye of her mariage or wthin shorte tyme after
But yf she be maried in my lief tyme and receyve her pferment of me
Then my will and intente ys she take nothing by this my last will and
testament All the residue of gooddes and cattells implements and all
my houshold stuff whatsoev*^ and all other whatsoeuer they be or shalbe
as plate somes of moneye or any other things of what kynde or qualitie
so ever they be after my debtes paide and my funeralls fullie and trulie
discharged I fullie and whollie gyve all my gooddes and cattells imple-
ments of howshold and all other thinges whatsoevr they are or shalbe
vnto Robert Holworthie my sonne whom I make my sole and onelie
executor In witnesse whereof to this my presente last will and testament
I haue sette my hande and seale the daye and yeare first above written.

Signed and sealed in the presence of James Boyse and William Golde
and Roberte Mullens.^


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