Selina’s Letter

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 It’s been a while since I wrote a few posts on my family history blog, and my apologies for being very behind on reading your posts and sharing my new family research and stories.

 For the last five to six month’s I have been working on a new book inspired by a story from my family history.

 This is my second book influenced by my families past.

 Selina’s Letter, Tales of Suicide from Victorian and Edwardian London is a non-fiction, historical account of suicide from London’s long forgotten past. My inspiration for the book was my 3x great-grandmother Selina Aylott (1853 – 1909) born in Albury, Hertfordshire and resided in the East End of London during her adult years. Selina sadly took her own life in one of the most painful ways imaginable. She drank a bottle of hydrochloric acid and her final end was a very traumatic and violent one.

 Her story and sad end has remained with me for many years.

 Through lots of research; Coroner records, Newspaper archives and visits to London record centres, I have managed to compile a book showcasing true accounts and stories of self-murder in Victorian and Edwardian London. This anthology also includes many dramatic firsts, including the first ever suicide recorded on the London Underground and Tower Bridge.

 A collection of stories, last letters and so many reasons why the unfortunate lives depicted here in decided to end all. Sometimes during a mad thoughtless decision and at other times as a last heart-breaking choice. Selina’s Letter is a journey of human emotion and remembers all those not strong enough to live on, the book is beautifully illustrated, poignant and very touching.

 I have published the book in two editions;

A full unabridged Edition in full colour which includes documents and a larger selection of images, printed as a large 10×8 volume. – details below.

Features & Details


  • Category  History, Genealogy, Suicide
  • Size 8×10 in, 21×26 cm
    200 Pages
  • ISBN:
    • Hardcover: ImageWrap: 9781916476233 (RRP £34.99)
    • Softcover: 9781916476240 (RRP £24.99)
  • Publisher: Loma Publishing
  • Publish Date: 22 October 2018
  • Sales Page:


and an abridged edition, available for readers with a main interest in the stories, more than the family historical aspect of the book.

Features & Details


  • Category:  History, Genealogy, Suicide
  • Size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
    164 Pages
  • ISBN:
    • Softcover: 9781916476264 (RRP £10.99)
  • Publisher: Loma Publishing
  • Publish Date: 22 October 2018
  • Sales Page
  • Available on Amazon in a couple of days time.
  • Waterstones

Selina’s Letter is also available on ibooks and google play and kindle

Stephen Robert Kuta

2 thoughts on “Selina’s Letter

  1. Thank you Amy, it is a subject close to my heart, one that I feel deeply about. It’s a shame there is a lot of stigma attached too it. The stories in the book are very moving, especially some of the last letters they wrote.

    I hope in someway the book may even help others who have considered suicide. The 10×6 version of the book includes help lines for all the English speaking nations.

    The book has taken up a lot of my time, but I am very happy it is finally complete.

    Hope all well 😉

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