Polish Genealogy Research

For anyone with Polish heritage, and needing help with research “My Polish Genealogy”, is a pretty amazing site to use. They help locate the documents you need and the archives that hold them before making a research plan with you.

I am currently using this genealogical research service myself, and I am so far pretty impressed with their level of communication, expertise and knowledge. 

Sometimes, we all need a little help with research, and certain fields are beyond our reach.

Below are the full details.
My Polish Genealogy

Provide a wide range of professional genealogical research services 

in all archives and libraries in Poland and some of the neighboring countries. 
Their research area covers all 3 partitions of Poland (Russian, Prussian and Austrian – Galicia).
They also make translations of metrical records, family notes

and other documents from Polish, Latin, Russian, German to English.
Their company is strategically located in Kraków,
a beautiful historic city which holds numerous local archives.
They belong to the Association of Professional Genealogists.

They check the availability of metrical sources free of charge.
For querries and quotes please contact at: office@mypolishgenealogy.com
When sharing family data please
exclude any information about living relatives (EU General Data Protection Regulation). 


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