Thomas Bullock, Lord Of Barkham & Arborfield (1482 – 1558)

Thomas Bullock was my 14th great-grandfather

The family name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon, “bulluca”, a young bull, and being linked to the old Anglian and Norman Christian name Osmund, represents one of the earliest instances of an English hereditary surname that was a purely personal nickname in origin.

Bullock is the surname of an English family that traces its roots to the County of Berkshire in the 12th century. Notable members of the family of Arborfield, and later of Faulkbourne in Essex, include Robert Bullock (d. 1405) Sheriff for the Counties of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, Sir Edward Bullock of Falkborne (c. 1580 – 1644), Edward Bullock (1663–1705) M.P and High Sheriff of Essex, Colonel John Bullock (1731–1809) M.P, Professor Walter Llewellyn Bullock (1890–1944) and Sir Christopher Bullock (1891–1972).

Guy Henry Bullock (1887-1956), who reconnoitered Mount Everest with George Mallory in 1921, was a member of the Radwinter branch.

Thomas Bullock

Name: Thomas Bullock Esq, Lord Of Barkham & Arborfield (1482 – 1558)

Father: Gilbert Bullock Esq, Lord Of Barkham & Arborfield (1434 – 1500)

Mother: Margaret Norris (1458 – 1512)

Wife: Alice Kingsmill

Issue: William / John/ Margaret / Richard / Thomas / Jane / Margery / Gregory / Gilbert / Eleanor / George / Alice / Dorothy

Thomas Bullock was the eldest son and heir of Gilbert and Margaret. He was lord of the manors of Arborfield and Barkham by 1514 and was married to Alice, a daughter of John Kingsmill of Hampshire (who was a Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in the reign of Henry VIII). It is believed that Thomas and Alice had seven sons and six daughters. Thomas later married again to Agnes, who survived him.
Thomas was appointed a Gentleman Usher Extraordinary to the King (Henry VIII) in 1516 and his name appears on the Royal Household list.
A few years later he was appointed as one of the Commissioners for the County of Berkshire to collect the subsidy which was levied by Henry VIII.
In 1544 Thomas Bullock was returned among the Nobles and Gentry of England who supplied men and horses for the war with France. His contingent consisted of “archers eight, and billmen thirteen”. At this time a change was made in the family crest and it is not improbable that the ‘seven bills’ were granted to him in allusion to this martial aid to his sovereign in time of war.
By his will of 1557, Thomas made a number of bequests …

Source <Wikipedia>:
“The origins of the name ‘Arborfield’ remain uncertain. The family is first recorded in 1166 in Edburgefeld, meaning ‘Edburga’s Field’, (Edburga being a widespread Saxon lady’s name) which evolved through variations to the modern Arborfield as first recorded in the 17th century.

The earliest recording of the family is Osemundus Bulloc in the Pipe Rolls of Berkshire in 1166. The Herald’s Visitations of the 15th century record his son, Richard, and these, and later visitations, carry the descent in an unbroken line to Edward Bullock of Faulkbourne in 1664.

Richard’s son, Gilbert, made formal declaration in 1250 of his holding of the Manor of Sunning from Bishop of Salisbury.

Robert Bullock the 3rd of Aborfield was Knight of the Shire for Berkshire (1382) and Sheriff for the Counties of Berkshire and Oxfordshire in 1384 and 1392 under King Richard II of England. In 1394, he was Commissioner of the Peace for Berkshire. Robert had no male issue, so the Aborfield estates passed in due course to the grandson of his uncle Gilbert (a younger brother), Thomas Bullock the 1st.

Thomas the 2nd was Gentleman Usher Extraordinary to Henry VIII in 1516 and one of the Commissioners for Berkshire collecting the subsidy for King Henry VIII in 1523. In 1544, he supplied archers, billmen and horses for the war with France ’96 leading to the seven bills originally in the family crest. Thomas’s uncle, Hugh “with ye Brazen Hand”, left Aberfield to found the family branch in Siddenhall (Sidnall) in Sallop (Shropshire). …”
Soiurce <Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, Volume 1>:
“… Rorert Bullock, of Herburghfield, or Arborfield, co. Berks, who used the arms now borne by the Essex family, was sheriff of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, in the 8th of Richard II. He d. in 1405, leaving a son,

Thomas Bullock, of Arborfield, whose great-grandson,
Thomas Bullock, Esq., m. Alice, dau. of John Kingsmill, one of the justices of the King’s Bench, and had, with six daus., as many sons, of whom the eldest, Richard, was of Arborfield; the fifth, …”
Source <A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great …, Volume 2> Par John Burke:
“… The Faulkbourn branch derive from the Bullocks of Berkshire.

… Robert Bullock, of Arborfield, father, by Eleanor, his wife, of

Gilbert Bullock, who m. Margaret, daughter of William Norris, of Bray, ancestor of the Barons Norris, of Rycote, and had a son,
Thomas Bullock, esq. who m. Alice, daughter of John Kingsmill, …”



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