Joseph and Sarah Aylott of Walkern & Albury Hertfordshire

When I began researching my family history 21 years ago, I set myself a challenge to research all of my branches beyond the year 1800. I have always disregarded my paternal line from this challenge as paternally my lineage is Polish / Ukrainian and so I have never undertaken much research into this or expected much either.

Three of my grandparents however were English and so their ancestry was very much a part of the challenge. It has taken me 21 years of research and finally with the power of DNA some of my last 19th century brick walls have finally been solved.

I have one branch left to break.

Who was Sarah?, the wife of Joseph Aylott of Walkern & Albury, Hertfordshire. Her birth is estimated as 1805, so I need to discover her origins and the names of her parents to finally get all of my branches firmly into the 1700’s.

What happened to Joseph and Sarah and why did they both disappear from the public records after the baptism of their only child, a boy also named Joseph Aylott and baptised 26th July 1823 St. Mary the Virgin, Albury, Hertfordshire, England.

I have no answers to any of these questions and it’s left a very disappointing gap in my genealogy, lets hope it doesn’t take another 21 years to finally solve.


3 thoughts on “Joseph and Sarah Aylott of Walkern & Albury Hertfordshire

    • Thank you Amy, I think those lines are going to be my challenge once I have completed or achieved everything I can on my English lines. Hope your research is coming along well too.

      • Thanks, Stephen. I’ve had great success with the American research and also with some of my German ancestors. But my Romanian and especially my Polish ancestors have proved much more elusive.

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