Legendary, Mytholigical and Biblical Family Connections

The words Legendary, Mythological and Biblical often raise a lot of questions both philosophically and historically.

When approached with a genealogical mindset it can easily be deemed laughable, and as a result most family historians would stop once their trees reach this level of ancestry. Many genealogists have a varied opinion on how far to take the branches of their trees, what is deemed with sufficient sources to be accurate and what is not.

Over the years, I have seen research carried out only to the point of where census recording began, other researchers stop where parish records begin.

Then we have researchers who connect successfully with a gateway ancestor and a doorway into far recorded history and ancestry opens up before their eyes.

How far can this recorded history take us?

I have seen history take the branches of my own tree back to 500 A.D, What is commonly known as the Early Middle Ages or the Dark ages. The date coincides with the fall of the Roman Empire. The years preceding this gave rise to many legendary names like King Arthur and King Coel ‘the Old of Colchester’.

These countless European legendary folk and there are many, suddenly begin to appear in the branches of our trees, often connected with historically accurate people. I don’t believe these branches should be taken seriously, but at the same time should they be ignored.

I have an avid interest in history, and our ancient ancestry intrigues me deeply it has done so for many people and great fiction has been written as a result of our love for this mysterious long forgotten past.

From legendary kings, we find our trees begin to connect with mythological branches, the family tree of Olympus and the Greek Gods, and connections to Thor, Odin and the Mythological home of Asgard.

The further our trees continue or as the branches of our tree split we step upon the pages of Biblical text and our trees stretch and then stop in the Garden of Eden.

How far we take our ancestry is purely down to choice, I choose to take my ancestry wherever my ancestors believed we came from. For who am I to deny my forebears their belief’s, I am just one person amongst many millions who came before me.


3 thoughts on “Legendary, Mytholigical and Biblical Family Connections

  1. I’d stop once I had no reliable records, and for me that’s no earlier than about 1770. Before that, it would all be guesswork and speculation. You are lucky to have records that go back further than that.

    • Thank you Amy, it’s only with thanks to gateway ancestors that my tree is able to extend so far into the past.
      Without those links my tree would stop when the parish records began in the 1530’s.

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