James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray – 14th Great-Grandfather.



He was the son of a Scottish King, Brother to a Scottish Queen and an Uncle and Cousin to England’s Tudor Dynasty.

Famous for being the first person in history assassinated by firearm.

Honored by his half-sister Mary Queen of Scots in September 1561, with the title and office of Earl of Moray and Earl of Mar the following year. With the earldom came Darnaway Castle with its medieval hall, notable even then as “verie fayer and large building” Moray also had a smaller house called Pitlethie near Leuchars in Fife, which his father had used.

James Stewart rose ever higher and in 1567 he was made Regent of Scotland, The appointment was confirmed by Parliament in December. Following the abdication of Mary she escaped from Loch Leven on 2 May 1568 the Duke of Chatelherault and other nobles rallied to her standard, but Moray gathered his allies and defeated her forces at the Battle of Langside, near Glasgow on 13 May 1568. Mary was compelled to flee to England. For this and the subsequent management of the kingdom he secured both civil and ecclesiastical peace, and earned the title of “The Gude Regent”.


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