John Cheke of Suffolk (1380 – 1422)

John Cheke was a medieval ancestor and born around the year 1380 during the reign of King Richard II. It is believed his family hailed from an old medieval branch whose manorial holdings were seated on the Isle of White. This connection is quite possible as many branches of Cheke / Chick and other variant spellings of this surname can be traced back here.

John Cheke of Suffolk is the eldest with this surname in my tree, he was my 17th great-grandfather and my own family line can be traced through his descendants a further 400 – 500 years to Lucy Chick (1775 – 1860) my 4th great-grandmother.

The family is an interesting one to study, and many of the marriages are important ones that offer a gateway into nobility.

John’s descendants can be found recorded in old pedigrees and long forgotten books such as the manors of Suffolk.

My own family branch lived for a couple of generations at Debenham Hall, the name of this manor has changed a few times through the centuries.

debenham hall

Debenham Hall


The Manor of Giesting al Gosting’s or Goslings Hall al Gostelens Hall

The following is taken from “The Manors Of Suffolk” by Walter Arthur Copinger, published in 1905.

This was vested in Robert Cheke, of Blondhall. He was the son of John Cheke (15th great grand-uncle) and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John Bacon, of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk. He married 1st Margery, sister of Sir Philip Tilney, and 2ndly Margaret, daughter of Richard Fitz-Williams, and on his death the manor passed to his son and heir, John Cheke, who married 1st Cecilia, daughter of John Southwell, of Barham Hall, and 2ndly Margaret, daugher of Thomas Fastolf, of Pettaugh. To him suceeded his son and heir, John Cheke, who married Anne, daughter of Thomas Fastolf. and sister of Margaret, his father’s 2nd wife, and the manor descended to their son and heir, a 3rd John Cheke in succession.

The manor subsequently passed to John Bretton, and on his death in 1636 to his grandson, John Bretton, of Hadleigh. It later vested in Laurence Bretton, rector of Hitcham, who gave it by will to Foster Goodday. Foster Goodday, of Kettlebaston, married Sarah, daughter of — Breton, of Hadleigh, and George Goodday, his brother married Margaret Breton

In 1847 this manor belonged to Charles Chevallier of Aspal Hall. Later it was sold to the Norris family who resided at “Gostling’s Hall,” now called “Debenham Hall,” for many years.


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