Iberian Peninsula

My mother’s DNA study reveals that 3% of her ethnicity is Iberian Peninsula, meaning that a small percentage of her DNA is Spanish.

I have researched in-depth the branches of my maternal tree and our Spanish connections all exist in the medieval period.

Could DNA that old still exist in my family, or does another connection exist much closer in time.

My 21st great-grandmother was Isabella ‘of Castile’ “Duchess of York” PEREZ (1355 – 1392), although I only descend from Isabella once there are many other connections that link my ancestry to Spain. (these connections are a little older).

My maternal DNA matches with Isabella’s 6x great-granddaughter Elizabeth “2nd Countess of Moray Suo Jure” STUART (1563 – 1591), so it’s possible that Elizabeth my 13th great-grandmother carried a significant amount of Iberian Peninsula DNA.


Isabella ‘of Castile’ “Duchess of York” PEREZ


2 thoughts on “Iberian Peninsula

  1. I never thought about DNA filtering down from my most recent Castile ancestors, two lines—Eleanor of Castile (1244-1290), my 22nd great-grandmother, and, like you, Isabella of Castile (1355-1392), my 19th great-grandmother.

    But now that you mention it, it might provide some explanation for why, in my immediate family with the same parents, one sibling is a fair-skinned, blue-eyed blonde; one has a beige skin tone, brown-eyes, and light brown/blonde hair; one is a very fair, green-eyed redhead, and one has café-au-lait coloring, dark brown eyes, and sable hair. Hmm…I wonder… 🙂

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