Lady Margaret Erskine (1514 – 1572)

She was a mistress to a King, and his favourite concubine.

Lady Margaret Erskine is my 14th great-grandmother and I descend from her about five times, as a result her descendants DNA through various branches is apparent in my own DNA, and matches at various points through Ancestry DNA.

Lady Margaret Erskine (c. 1514 – 1572) was a Scottish noblewoman and courtier, the mistress of King James V (1513 – 1542), she was the daughter of John, 5th Baron Erskine, and sister to John Erskine, earl of Mar, and was married (1527) to Sir Robert Douglas, of Lochleven. He was killed at the battle of Pinkie Cleugh (1547).

Through her liason with the king, Margaret became the mother of James Stewart (1531 – 1570), first Earl of Moray, the half-brother to Queen Mary Stuart, and regent for James VI (I of England). She was not the king’s only mistress, but Margaret was his acknowledged favourite. After the birth of their son, King James had made enquiries concerning a papal dispensation which would enable him to marry Margaret, and make her his queen, thus legitimizing their son and making him the heir (1536), but Lady Margaret having been a married woman at the time of her son’s birth rendered that solution impossible. Her son’s later legitimization (1551) was in regard only to inheritable property, and had nothing to do with rights to the succession.



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