Baronetage of Gordon of Park, Banff (1686)

My 6x great-granduncle may have missed out on claiming the baronetage of Gordon of Park.

The Baronetage of Gordon of Park was created in 1686 for my 9x great-grandfather

Sir John “3rd Laird of Park and Cluny”, “1st Baronet of Park” GORDON, (1631 – 1713), the Baronetage was then passed down the line to the first-born son in each generation.

Before it went extinct or dormant in 1835 with my second cousin, 7x removed ‘Sir John Bury Gordon’ as no apparent heir could be found.

Gordon of Park, Banff (1686)

  • Sir John Gordon, 1st Baronet of Haddo / Sir John Gordon, 1st Baronet of Park(died 1713)
  • Sir James Gordon, 2nd Baronet (died 1727)
  • Sir William Gordon, 3rd Baronet (died 1751)
  • Sir John James Gordon, 4th Baronet (1749–1780)
  • Sir John Bury Gordon, 5th Baronet (1779–1835)

baronetcy extinct or dormant 23 Jul 1835

This Baronetage should have passed back up the line and down again to my 6x great-granduncle.

Sergeant John Gordon (Battle of Waterloo Soldier), he died in 1839 leaving at least four sons.


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