Rosamond Hann of Finsbury

Rosamond was an 18th century ancestor, born c. 1720.

She was resident of Finsbury and married John Hann a widow shortly before 1740.

Rosamond is my 8x Maternal Great Grandmother, this is a branch of my family history that I would like to extend further, although It’s unlikely that I will be able too as St Luke, Finsbury Parish Records are damaged in areas and many pages where marriages appear are unreadable.

The parish church of St Lukes was built-in 1733 and is sited on Old Street, north of the City of London, and was built to relieve the church of St Giles-without-Cripplegate, Cripplegate.

It’s likely that Rosamond was born in this parish or perhaps Islington. It’s not a common name and I have identified about six baptism’s, although non of these records help at all without more information about Rosamond.

John Hann and Rosamond are recorded as having only one child, my 7x Great Grandmother Ann Hann, born 3 March 1740, Finsbury and baptised in St Lukes on the 15th March.

It may be that Rosamond died during childbirth, although I haven’t been able to identify a record of burial for her.

John Hann lived until February 1764, and buried that same month in St Luke’s. As far as I can tell, he only married twice his first wife being Jane Sheppard, who died in September 1736. 9 months after their second child was born.

Rosamond Hann of Finsbury

My descent from Rosamond Hann


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