Extract of Last Will and Testament of Thomas Grey of Ulgham, 1619

Thomas Grey / Gray was the eldest son of Henry Grey of Newminster Abbey (1566 – 1628) and Mary Widderington (1565 – 1623)

The Will is dated 1617 / 19

Thomas Gray’s Will. His son Thomas gets a black Nagge and main ploughs etc, 2 brown oxen and tenement. His son Edward gets a foal. His wife Magdalin gets a black mare, and to be head of the house and tenement. His brother Edward gets a quey stirk. His sister’s children get one ewe and a lamb. Elizabeth Todd gets a ewe. The residue goes to his wife and three children. The executor is George Lawson. The witnesses are Christopher Robinson, Thomas Potts, William Robinson, George Lawson, and Edward Porter, curate. The Inventory totalled£35/8/- with debts totalling £6/10/4d. (DRO).


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