The Last Will and Testament of Sergeant Obadiah Dickinson – 1698

Obadiah Dickinson


1695 to 1700

“Page 90-1-2 Name: Obadiah Dickinson Location: Wethersfield
Died 10 June, 1698. Invt. ?678-08-08. Taken 7 July, 1698, by William Warner, Joseph Churchill & William Goodrich. Will dated 7 June, 1698.

I Obadiah Dickinson of Wethersfield, concerning what Estate God in his Goodness hath bestowed upon me, I give the same as followeth: I give to my three sons, Daniel, Eliphalet & Noadiah Dickinson, all my Lands & Houseing in equal proportion. It is my mind that my son Eliphalet should have my 5 acres of Land lying by John Belding, to him & his heirs forever. I give to my daughters Sarah Smith and Mehetabell Dickinson, to each ?40, not Counting the Wearing apparrell or the Child’s Cloths that were her mother’s my former Wife. I give to my Wife Mehetabell Dickinson the use of my houseing and house lott, wth a third part of all my improveable Lands, and the use of my moveable Estate, for her Comfort and the bringing up of the two children I had by her, so long as she remains my Widow. I give to my wife the improvement of the Estate of my son Noadiah until he come to the age of 21 years, and my daughter Mehetabell’s Estate until she come to the age of 18 years or shall be married. I know not if my son Obadiah be living. If he be living, it is my Will that he have an equal share of my Estate with my other sons. I give to my servant Sarah Couch a young cow, to be paid her within one year after my decease. I make my son Eliphalet (with the advice and help of my wife) my Executor.
Witness: Capt. John Chester, Samuel Northam.
Obadiah Dickinson. Ls.
Court Record, Page 51–1st September, 1698: Will & Invt. Exhibited. Attest: the Widow Mehetabell Dickinson. Proven.
Page 2–(Vol. VII) 7 September, 1700: This Court appoint Capt. John Chester, Lt. William Warner and Nathaniel Foote to Dist. the Estate of Obadiah Dickinson according to a request of Daniel and Eliphalet Dickinson, sons of the sd. Decd.


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