The Last Will and Testament of Thomas de Poynings – 1373

Thomas de Poynings

Will Dated 28 October 1373


THOMAS LORD OF PONYNGS, the day of St. Simon and St. Jude 47th year of King Edward the Third. My body to be buried in the Abbey of St. Radegunde in Kent of my foundation in the quier before the high altar and a high tomb ‘oue j chinabrot’ of alabaster be made over my body and £100 to the said abbey for masses for me and the third part of my goods to my wife Blaunche Montbrai with all my vessels and entire hustlements save a coffer of gold to my sister the Dame Bardolf and one other to my sister Dame Daco and xj ‘esqueles et tout de salsers’ to Richard my brother with all my armour. Item Six score pounds to be distributed amongst my executors, and 100 marcs amongst the lower servants of my house.
Item to Lintont and Whitele my ‘chambl’ 20 marcs. To Cristian Rauen 100s. To little Anneis 40s. To Dame Elizabeth Elyngton £20. To Sr. Richard of Chichester 40s. To Leonard in the Forest 40s. To St. Helenn 20s. To St. Thomas of Canterbury a ‘chinabrot’ of silver ‘qu ce doi danon’ . Ten trentals of St. Gregory to be sung in the church of Ponyngs and Blagham.
My executors I ordain Blaunche my wife, Mons. William Elyngton, William Tank, John Neumarche, Hugh Waterton, and Sir John Baker parson ‘dest Welle’ (?Eastwell). James Orrell and John Chamberer and Farnham to be rewarded well for their trouble 100 mrcs. To Sir William Parti 10 mrcs. Dated at Slagham on the day of St. Simon and St. Jude. Item 10 marcs to ‘Mons.’ Thomas Ponyngs , my cousin. My feoffees: ‘Mons’ Arnold Sauage, ‘Mons’ Wm. Elyngton, Wm. Tank, John Neumarche, Roger Dalynggreg, Hugh Watertone, Sir John Baker in certain manors and rents. I will Blanch my wife have a sufficient part of my estate and enfeoff her for her life in the manor of Walderne.
Probate Act omitted. (84 Sudbury).


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