The Last Will and Testament of Sir John Pecche Citizen of London – 1380

Will Dated: 27 May 1830

Probate: 2 July 1380


JOHN PECCHE, citizen of London, Sunday next after the feast of the Holy Trinity 3 Richard II. To be buried in the parish church of Lullyngston. I leave to Sir William my son and heir because he is a Knight all lands and tenements, rents, meadows, woods etc I have in the City of London and outside to him and heirs of his body lawfully begotten to hold of the chief lords of the fees and tythe services accustomed. If the said William die without heirs, quod absit, then the said lands etc to be sold and disposed in the best manner by the executors of the said William.
To Mary my wife all that belongs to her chamber (camera). I leave for a priest to celebrate in perpetuity in the church of Lyllyngston for the souls of my parents and the souls of my wives (no sum named). Executors: William Pecche my son and Mary my wife. Witnesses: Sir John Troupe, priest, James Pistowe, spicer, Thomas Ruysshemere and Thomas Morice, clerks.
Dated at London. Proved by Sir William Pecche and Mary relict 2 Non. July 1380. (105a Sudbury).


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