The Last Will and Testament of Reginald Cobham, Knight – 1446

Will Dated: 12 August 1446

Proved: 14 October 1446

REGINALD COBHAM, Knight, 12 August 1446. To be buried in the Collegiate Church of St. Peter of Lyngefeld before the high altar where a monument of alabaster is to be constructed anew according to the discretion and ordination of my executors. To the fabric of the mother church of Winchester 20s. To the high altar of Wyngfeld 100s. I leave 100s. between poor tenants of Oxsted, Billesershe, Hexshed, Edenbregge, Cowden and Chidynstone. I leave for books, copes, vestments and other ornaments for my college of Lyngfeld.
Executors my dearly loved son Thomas Cobham, Knight, John Ardern, Wm. Gagnesford, Sir John Swetecok, Master of the College of St. Peter of Lyngfeld, John Bayhall, Richard Hendyman and Sir Richard Howlet, chaplain and my very dear consort Anna supervisor. Rents to the value of £200 I leave to my executors to dispose for my soul.
Codicil made 14 August 1446, certain legacies of me Reginald Cobham Knight Lord of Starburgh. I leave to Dame Anne my consort all hustilments, utensils etc. of the hall, parlure, pantry, kitchen and chamber in the castle of Starburgh, except Jewels vessels of silver, silver gilt or gold. Nevertheless I leave the same Dame Anne half of all the cups, masers, salts etc. My executors to permit her to occupy all necessaries of my chapel within my castle and afterwards to remain to John Swetcok now Master of the College of St. Peter of Lingfeld by me lately constructed and founded and to the chaplains of the same College. I leave to Richard Howlet, chaplain, 20 marcs and £20 between my servants. My feoffees in 38s. yearly rent out of certain lands &c called Morehall and Pakeneslond in parishes of Lyngefeld and Est Grenested in Surrey and Sussex.
Proved 14 October 1446 by the oath “honorifici viri” Reginald Cobham, Knight. (142a Stafford).


One thought on “The Last Will and Testament of Reginald Cobham, Knight – 1446

  1. I love your posting….. I have been traceing lots of my family for several years.. Amazing what you find out.

    Do you know anything about 3 brothers who were ship owners …last name Trimm norma

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