The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Campe of Snowes in Nazeing – 1 January 1592/3


Elizabethan Wills of South-West Essex


Published: 1983

Publisher: The Kylin Press, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire

Page: 118

Extract of Will belonging to:

Thomas Campe of Snowes in Nazeing

Will Dated: 1 January 1592/3

Probate: 1 February 1592/3

To my daughter Rose £30 at 21; if she die before, to my son Thomas at 21; if he die before, £10 to my wife and £10 each to my sons Richard and George at 21. If my wife be now with child, to the child £20 at 21 to be paid by George out of my land called Leonards, which I surrender to his use upon that condition. If she be not with child or the child live not to 21, George shall pay £10 to Thomas at 21. To Robert my brother £5 at 21. To my mother Elizabeth Campe two cow ‘leases’ [leasows, pasture] in Nazeing Marsh for her life; after, to George. To him four other ‘leases’ in Nazeing Marsh. To the poor people of Nazeing 40s. At my burial. I make my wife Elizabeth my executrix. I request my brother [-in-law] Thomas curtis and my cousin George Campe to be overseers, and to each 4s.

Witnesses: Edward Baker minister [vicar of Nazeing], James Campe, William Hall, Thomas Curtis, Thomas Campe. Proved 1 February 1592/3


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