The Last Will and Testament of Richard Camp of Nazeing, 28 July 1585


Elizabethan Wills of South-West Essex


Published: 1983

Publisher: The Kylin Press, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire

Page: 87

Extract of Will belonging to:

Richard Camp of Nazeing

Will Dated: 28 July 1585

Probate: 18 September 1585

To my sons Robert, William, Francis and Richard each £10 to be paid out of my lands. To my daughter Elizabeth Camp £5. If my wife die before my youngest son is 21, I give power to Mr. Thomas Hall of ‘Clarumbury’ [Claverhambury in Waltham Holy Cross] my wife’s uncle to sell my house and land to the uttermost value, and with part of the money to pay my children’s legacies and the residue to remain to my youngest son. The rest of my goods to Magdalen my wife, whom I appoint executrix. I appoint Mr. Thomas Hall to pay my debts so far as £14 and a noble, being part of the price of a croft called Pakes Field lately sold to him, will extend.

Witnesses: Mr Thomas Hall, Andrew Richardes, George Wren, John Hopkins the writer. Proved 18 September 1585



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