The Last Will and Testament of Nicholas Campe the elder of Nazeing, Carpenter – 31 December 1591


Elizabethan Wills of South-West Essex


Published: 1983

Publisher: The Kylin Press, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire

Page: 146

Extract of Will belonging to:

Nicholas Campe the elder of Nazeing, Carpenter

Will Dated: 31 December 1591

Probate: 13 May 1598

To Nicholas my son 4 cow ‘leases’ [leasows, pasture] in Nazeing Marsh, 2 ‘trowes’ [troughs], 1 old chest, my cheese motes, the shelves about the house, my tools that belong to my occupation, with a table and a form, the hangings in the hall, 2 ashen chairs, and a little joined stool. To Katherine my daughter 1 pair of cobirons, the spit, my best trivet, my fire jack, my brass pot, my posnet of potbrass, my brazen mortar with the pestle, a walnuttree chair in the hall, a great joined stool, my cupboard in the chamber with 3 chests (1 long elm chest, 1 old chest, and 1 elm chest with a new lock), and the bedstead that I lie on. To Robert Pigrame’s wife 6s. 8d. To Margery Robinson 10s. 8d. To the poor of Nazeing 10s. The rest of my goods to Nicholas and Katherine to be equally divided and she to have the first choice. I make him executor, and for his pains 6s. 8d. I desire my brother Richard Campe to be overseer, and for his pains 3s 4d.

Witnesses: Robert Browne, George Dowsett, Edward Turner. Proved 13 May 1598.


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