The Last Will and Testament of John Campe – 28 April 1592


Elizabethan Wills of South-West Essex


Published: 1983

Publisher: The Kylin Press, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire

Page: 117

Extract of Will belonging to:

John Campe

Will Dated: 28 April 1592

Probate: 2 June 1592

To Katherine my daughter my dun cow. To my son John my horse colt and a quater of oats. To Nicholas my son my great mare colt, a quater of oats, and a black bullock with a white back. To Mary my daughter my chest without a lock, 2 pair of sheets, and my brown cow. To my two daughters Bridget and Joan each 30s. After my wife’s decease or before at her pleasure. To William Hadden junior and Christopher Peacock each 6s. 8d. And a lamb. The residue of my goods to Catherine my wife, whom I make executrix.

Witnesses: ‘his’ brother Nicholas Campe, Robert hall, Edmund Berte. Proved 2 June 1592 by Robert ordiner notary public, proctor of Catherine.


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