Bloody Brook Massacre

On the 18th September 1675 close to a small brook in the Connecticut River valley 57 colonists and militia were killed, the massacre was so horrific the brook ran red with blood.

Included in this massacre were two of my direct ancestors Samuel and his father Robert Hinsdale. My family still carry their DNA, of which my family match and share with many more descendants of Robert and Samuel. I relate to this family through my Janes Family History and their American connections.

The family line includes cousin connections with the famous Kelloggs family, Woolworths family and Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd U.S. President.


Bloody Brook Massacre

During King Phillips War bands of Indian Warriors often harassed and attacked the new settlers of the Connecticut River valley as they worked and traveled.

One such attack happened on the 18 September 1675, close to a small brook where severel hundred Indians attacked a group of teamsters and soldiers who were moving a convoy of wagons containing wheat from Deerfield to Hadley for milling.

Part of this convoy included Robert Hinsdale (1617 – 1675), my 9x great-grandfather and three of his sons, Barnabus and John Hinsdale and Samuel Hinsdale (1642 – 1675) my 8x great-grandfather.

The Battle of Bloody Brook was fought between English colonial militia from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and a band of Indians led by the Nipmuc sachem Muttawmp. The Indians ambushed the colonists  and they killed at least 40 militia men and 17 teamsters out of a company that included 79 militia.

The brook was eventually re-named as “Bloody Brook” because it was said to have run red during the massacre.


5 thoughts on “Bloody Brook Massacre

  1. Is there any connection to Hinsdale, Massachusetts, which is not that far from Deerfield and Hadley (maybe 30-40 miles)? And also only about 50 miles from where I live.

    • I think Hinsdale was named after the family. I’m not sure when that came to be though. Not looked into it, but it’s in my list of jobs. Lol.
      Hope all well Amy 😉 and lovely to hear from you.

    • I am also a descendant of Robert and Samuel Hinsdale. Samuel’s youngest child Mehuman or Mahuman Hindale and his wife were among those taken captive and carried to Canada in the “Deerfield Massacre” . The couple was redeemed and on while at sea on their return to Boston Mary gave birth to a son named Ebenezer. Ebenezer, ironically, was ordained as a missionary to the Indians. He was stationed at Fort Dummer near present Hinsdale, NH. Unsuccessful as a missionary, he turned to the military. He built a fort at his own expense at present Hinsdale which was named for him.

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