Luke Ogle of Eglingham Hall (1580 – 1604) – DNA Match

Luke Ogle of Eglingham Hall is my 10x great-grandfather, his descendants were parliamentarians and supported Cromwell during the English Civil War, The Ogle family also supported King Richard III during the period known as the Wars of the Roses and many fought at the Battle of Bosworth.

I have recently found three DNA matches with this branch of my family, all leading to Luke Ogle, which isn’t surprising as many of his ancestors were cousins and so any DNA inherited from him or passed down to his two children (who also married cousins) would have a strong match.


My relationship to Luke Ogle

Luke Ogle of Eglingham

Born: 1580, Eglingham, Northumberland, England

Died: 29 Oct 1604, Newcastle, Northumberland, England

Buried: 30 Oct 1604, St. Nicholas Church, New Castle, Northumberland, England

Notes: succeded his grandfather at Eglingham and inherited lands from him; D: 29 Oct 1604, buried next day at St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle, admin estate 31 May 1605; his son Henry Ogle of Eglingham was one of the sequestrators for land for the parliament in 1643 and on the 29 Nov 1644, was a deputy lieutenant for the county. He was a stong parliamentarian and in 1650 he entertained Cromwell at Eglingham, and the room where his guest slept is still standing at the Hall. He was a representative for the county in the Little Parliament 1653, and was again returned as such on 4 Sep 1654. Henry's name occurs frequently as Captain Henry Ogle in State Papers, and he seems to have been very active; it seems proble that prior to the Restoration in 1660 he made over some of his property in case he should have been deprived but however that may be, on 20 Jun 1668, he entailed his property on his two grandchildren, with remainder to his own sons.Administration of his estate not completed 18 Aug 1697.

Father: Luke Ogle

Mother: ¿?

Married: Isabella CRASTER 1599, Newcastle, Northumberland, England


1. Henry OGLE of Eglingham (b. 1600 - d. 1664) (m. Jane Forster

2. Nicholas OGLE


Eglingham Hall


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