The Last Will and Testament of Thomas de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, 1369

Thomas de Beauchamp

11th Earl of Warwick

(1313 – 1369)

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Transcribed by Nicholas Harris

Extract of Medieval Will


Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick’, at Chelchesch, September 6, 1369 My body to be buried in the quire of the Collegiate Church of our Lady at Warwick. To every Church within each of my manors the best beast which should there be found, in satisfaction of my tithes forgotten and not paid ; to Thomas, my son and heir, a ring and cup with a cover, the best next to that which my daughter Stafford may choose, also the coat of mail sometime belonging to that famous Guy of Warwick, and I will that all my harness, weapons, and such like habiliments be equally divided between my two sons Thomas and William ; to my son William a ring and a cup with a cover, the next best to that which his elder brother may choose, with twenty four dishes and as many saucers of silver, and also two ewers and basons, with twelve pieces of silver; to Isabel, my daughter, M/. to her marriage; to Margaret, my daughter, a nun at Shouldham, a ring and a cup with a cover, and forty marks in money ; to Katherine, the daughter of my son Guy, a nun at Shouldham, a gold ring, with twenty pounds in money ; for the expences of my funeral D marks, and I desire that my executors make full satisfaction to every man whom I have in any sort wronged; I will that my said son William have lands settled upon him and his heirs male of the annual value af cccc marks; I will that the testament of the Countess, my wife, be fully performed out of my goods; I will that my executors new build the quire of the Collegiate Church of Warwick, where I order my body to be buried ; I will that masses be sung and alms distributed for the health of my soul, especially at Bordesley, Worcester, and Warwick; to my daughter Stafford an ouche, called the eagle, which the Prince gave me, all my pearls, and a cross made of the very wood of our Saviour’s cross, a ring with an emerald, which my Countess bequeathed to me, another ring which she herself may choose, a set of beads of gold with buckles which the Queen gave me, the choice of one of my cups of gold, with the silver bowl, which I always used myself, and likewise my best bed, with all the furniture ; to my daughter Alice, my next best ouche, which my Lady my Countess gave me, with a cup of gold, a set of beads, and a ring; to my daughter Clifford an ouche, called the eagle, which my son William gave me for a new year’s gift, also a cup, a set of beads of gold, and a ring ; to my daughter Isabel, a cup with a ewer and cover to it gilt, and my next best ring, after my other daughters before remembered have chosen ; to the Bishop of Lincoln’ a cross of gold, which the Lady Segrave gave me, and which had sometime belonged to the good King Edward, wherein is a part of the very cross of Christ, and other reliques ; to my son William a casket of gold, with a bone of St. George, which Thomas Earl of Lancaster bestowed on me at my christening; to Sir John Beauchamp a cross of gold, wherein part of the very cross of our Saviour is contained, enamelled with the arms of England, and also my best tilting horse; to Sir Roger Beauchamp a ring, the best he can choose after the rest which are disposed of, also my next best tilting horse ; to Sir Guy de Brienne a cup and a horse, the next best that he can choose; all the remainder of my jewels I will that my executors dispose of for my soul’s benefit, and I appoint the Earl of Stafford, Thomas and William, my sons. Sir Roger Beauchamp, Sir Guy de Brienne, Sir John Beauchamp, Sir Ralph Basset, of Sapcoat, Knights, Sir Richard Pirilon, Governor of Northampton, Sir William Forde, Sir Alan Fen, Sir John Blake, Sir John Harwood, Sir William Morton, and John Rous my executors.


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