The Last Will and Testament of Maud de Say, 1369

Maud de Say

Widow of Sir Geoffrey de Say

(Nee; Beauchamp)

(1310 – 1369)

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Published in 1826

Transcribed by Nicholas Harris Esq


Dame Maud, which was late the wife of Sir Geoffrey Say’, at Bermondsey, Tuesday, next after the Feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude, 1369. My body to be buried in the Church of the Friars Preachers of London, near Ed-mond my loving husband; to the Friars there x pounds, and I desire that no feast be made on my funeral day, but that immediately after my decease my corpse shall be carried to burial, covered only with a linen cloth, having a red cross thereon, with two tapers, one at the head and another at the feet, and i charge my son, William de Say, that he do nothing contrary thereto; to John, my son xl/.; to John de Harleston my French and Latin books; to every esquire of my retinue*; to William de Say, my son.


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