Nuncupative Will of John Fogden, Weaver of Tangmere, Sussex, 1639

John Fogden

Weaver of Tangmere, Sussex

(1570 – 1639)


This following transcription is an extract of a Nuncupative Will ‘Death Bed Will’ belonging to John Fogden, Weaver of Tangmere.

Memorandum 1 May 1639,

John Fogden of Tangmere, weaver, in the hearing of Thomas Sandford, husbandman and William Banner of Tangmere weaver, made and publicly declared his Last Will and Testament Nuncupative in manner and form following or to the same effect and purpose

(1) to his eldest son William Fogden the sum of 5 shillings and

(2) to John Fogden his second son the sum of 5 shillings.

All the rest of his goods and chattels to his loving wife Elizabeth Fogden (who was also named Executrix ).



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