11 January 1943 – Germany Bombs Maldon.

On the 11th January 1943 at 09:50 a.m, Heybridge Basin nr Maldon, Essex, sustained a German Air Raid attack, 4 General purpose H.E bombs were dropped, in total 1500 kilo’s of explosive, which destroyed 60 buildings, killing five instantly and injuring many others. One of those injured was my 78-year-old great-aunt Mary Ann Hume (Nee; Janes), she died less than a month later from her injuries.


Below is a description of the incident report as it happened.

11 January 1943

09:50 a.m

1500 Kilo’s of explosive dropped on Heybridge.

10:14 a.m

H.E. at Heybridge Basin, Maldon some damage and casualties.

11:02 a.m

Reference: by 10:10 today 2 500 kilo H.E.s dropped in Heybridge Basin, Maldon several houses demolished. Casualties not yet known. Two air ambulances, two ambulance cars and a mobile canteen despatched to incident.

11:52 a.m

Reference: by 10:58 revised information as follows, four H.E. at 09:53, the Street, Heybridge Basin all exploded, four houses demolished, 30 others damaged, four killed, one missing, three serious and nine minor.

12:10 a.m

Rest centre at waiting room Heybridge is being opened to house immediately 40 homeless persons.

12:20 a.m

Of houses damaged 65, one church, two public houses, Butchers and Timber Works, two food shops / incident in Heybridge Basin.

Amending Report

Following advice by representatives of the Air Raid, two 500 kg H.E.s and two 250 Kg H.E.s were dropped at Heybridge Basin, Maldon at 09:50 on 11/1/43 previously thought to be 4 500 kg H.E.


Casualty Details

Fred Everett, aged 64 – of Heybridge Basin. Husband of Sarah Everett. Died at Heybridge Basin.

Sarah Everett, aged 72 – of Heybridge Basin. Wife of Fred Everett. Died at Heybridge Basin.

Elizabeth Ann Jones, aged 70 – of Limetrees, Heybridge Basin. Daughter of the late William and Margaret Jones. Died at Limetrees, Heybridge Basin.

Ida May Bailey, aged 47 – Wife of Charles William Bailey, of Heybridge Basin. Died at Heybridge Basin.

Rose Wisbey, aged 56 – of Heybridge Basin. Wife of Harry Theodore Wisbey. Died at Heybridge Basin.

Mary Ann Hume, aged 78 – of Heybridge Basin. Widow of Ernest Henry Hume. Injured 11 January 1943, at Heybridge Basin; died at St. Peter’s Hospital.



Title: Incident file

Level: Category – Records of Essex County Council


Dates of Creation: 11 Jan 1943 – 10 Dec 1943

Reference: C/W 1/2/48



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