The Last Will and Testament of William Strother Esq, 1609

William Strother Esq

of Kirknewton & Towberry Towers

(1530 – 1609)

Source: Records of the Family of Strother of Kirknewton, Fowberry Tower, Wallington, &c.,

Transcribed by Anthony Strother

Published: 1881

In the Name of God Amen. I William Strother of Newton in the County of Northumberland Esqr Sicke of body but of sound and pfect remembrance Do ordaine and make my last Will and Testamt in manner and form following. First I frely render and yeld up my Soul into the hand of Almighty God and do appoint my body to be interred in the Chancell or Quire of the Church of Newton. Itm I Give and bequeth to Elizabeth my wie Fourteen Skore of Shepe, that is to say seven skore yowes and Seven Skore geld shepe. More I give her eight oxen, seven kye and seven Yeald Nowte, one silver salt, six silver spoones of the lesser sorte with the litter silver Cupp. More I give her my Grey Mare, and tenn pounds in money, with summer and winter pasture in Rowghside for her own goods so long as she liveth Widdow. Itm I geve and bequethe to my sonne Clement Strother the elder towards the advancement of his two daughters four Skore yowes and Geld Shepe and tenn pounds in money. Itm I give and bequeath to my sonne Lyonel Strother fouer skore yowes and fouer Skore Geld Shepe and tenn pounds in money. Itm I give to my Sonne Clement Strother the younger fourty yowes and fourty Geld Shepe and tenn pounds in money. Itm I give to Robert Strother of West Newtone fower kye. Itm I give more to Elizabeth my wife seaven and fourty bowles of Corne, that is to say ten bowles of Rye, six bowles Wheate, sixteen bowles of beare, twelve bowles of Oates, and three bowles of Pease. Itm I give all the rest of my Shepe not above bequeathed to my Sonne Lancelot Strother and Tenn pounds in money. Itm I do lastly appoint and concredett the execution of this my will and tesamt to my said Sonne Lancelot Strother and therefore do consitute make and ordaine him to be my sole and full executor. And in witnes thereof I the said William Strother have subscribed this my last will and Testmt with my had this Sixth day of February Ao Dm 1609. Before these witnes Tho Carr, Xpofer Pearson, George Carr, Lionel Strother. Moreover I give to my Sonne Clemt Sonne William Strother at Durham x£ in money. Itm I give further to Elizabeth my wife a pcell of Ground called the Walkers Close, and another pcell called Hardyes Bushe with the consent of my Son and heire Lancelot for ane help to her farm in Langton so long as she liveth widdow William X Strother …. etc.


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