The Last Will and Testament of Lancelot Strother of Kirknewton, 1611

Lancelot Strother Esquire

of Kirknewton & Towberry Towers

(1560 – 1611)

Source: Records of the Family of Strother of Kirknewton, Fowberry Tower, Wallington

Transcribed by Anthony Strother

Published: 1881

In the Name of God Ament. I Lancelott Strother of Kirknewton in the County of Northumberd Esquier finding myself sickly disposed in bodie but yet of sound and perfect memorie and judgment (I thank God) Now for the better settling of my Estate and quieting of my mind make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following. First recommending my Soule into the hands of my only Savior and Redeemer Christ Jesus. I appoint and will that my bodie be interred in the Quier of the Church of Newton. Ite I doe give and bequeath unto Elinor my wife all and singular my houshold stuf both at Newton and Fowberie with all and singular my plate silver and gilt or ungilt, and all other my insight and utensils of houshold whatsoever. Ite I give unto my said wife out of my whole goods chattles and debts the sum of Twoe hundered pounds, and furder I give and bequeath unto my said wife in augmentation of her fortune all that my tythe of Dorne and graine in Langton in the County of Northumerland and also all that my tythe of Corne and graine, wooll and lambs in Westnewton in the County aforesaid, To have and to hold unto my said wife for and during her life naturall. Ite for the p’ferrment of my younger Sonnes now borne and of such Sonn as my said wife is now with (if it happen to be a Sonn) I give and bequeath as followeth. First I give and bequeath unto Willia Strother my second Sonn all that my tythe of Corne and graine in Akeild in the said County of Northumberland To have and to hold unto the said Willia Strother for and during his life naturall. Ite I give and bequeath unto Lancelot Strother my third Sonn all that my tythe of Corne and graine in Millfield in the County aforesaid, and also all those my Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments and Water Corne Mill called Cannon Mill lately in the tenure and occupation of Thomas Strother, To have and to hold unto the said Lancelott Strother for and during his life naturall excepting the tythe of the doemaine of millfield. Item wheras my said wife is now with child, my will is that if shee bee delivered a sonn that then he shall have for and during his life naturall all those my tythes of Corne and graine, Wooll and lambs in Yevering and both the Crookehowses. Nevertheless my will is that my said Sonn Lancelott shall not have the benefit of his said annuitie till such tyme as he shall accomplish the age of fifteene years nor that my said Sonn wherewth my wife is now priviement enceint shall have the benefitt of his said annuitie untill he shall accomplish the age of fifteene yeares saving the sum of Tenn pounds yearly to each of them to bee allowed them for their maintenance, and the rest of their annuities to goe unto the benefitt of my Daughters portions untill they twoe shall severally accomplish the said age of fifteene yeares. Ite whereas I the said Lancelott Strother have by my deed endented bearing the date of this my psent will made betweene me the said Lancelott Strother of the one partie and Sr William Selby of Tynmouth Castle in the County of Northumberland knight, Thomas Riddell of Gaiteshead in the County Pallatine of Dureme Esquier, Clement Strother of Langton in the County of Northmberland Gent, and Lionell Strother of Berwick upon Tweede Gent of the other partie hath demised granted and to farme letten unto the said Sr William Selby, Thomas Riddell, Clement Strother and Lionell Strother all my Manors, Lordships, Landes, Tenements, Hereditaments, Rectories, psonages, and tythes and other things in the said Indenture mentioned for the terme of eight yeares to such uses intents and purposes only as in the last Will and Testament of mee the said Lancelott Strother should bee limited and apponted. Now for a plaine declaration of my mind and will touching the emploiment of my said Lands and Tenements in the said Indenture mentioned my Will is that there shall bee yearly paid unto John my eldest Sonn and heir apparent the Sum of fiftie pounds of lawfull English Money at twoe termes in the yeare viz at the ffeast of the Anunciation of Or blessed Lady the Virgin Marie and the ffeast of St. Michaell the archangell by equall portions untill he shall accomplish the age of twenty one yeares. And the residue of the Rents revenewes and profyte arising of all and singular my Lands, Lordships, Manors, Rectories psonages tythes and Hereditaments wth their appurtenance whatsoever before in this my will not bequeathed shall goe and bee emploied to the advancement and pferment of my Daughters in manner and forme following that is to saye to Agnes my eldest Daughter the Sum of Five hundered pounds. And to Elizabeth my second Daughter the Sum of Fower hundered pounds, and unto Jane my third Daughter the Sum of Three hundered and threescore pounds, and to Elinor my fowerth Daughter the Sum of Three hundered and twenty pounds. And to Katherine my fift Daughter Twoe hundred and three score pounds. And to Marie my sixt Daughter Twoe hundred and fortie pounds. And if the child that my wife is now wth prove a Daughter then I give and bequeath unto her out the profytts of aforesaid the Sum of Twoe hundrered pounds. And least the profytts of my Landes and Hereditaments aforesaid shall not amount to so greate a Sum as herein I have limited to my said Daughters my Will is that all the reast of my goods and Chattles moveable and unmovable and not in this my will formerly bequeathed and my debt and legacie paied shall goe unto my Daughters towards the making up of their said portions my will is that their said portions as they shall severally arise shall remaine in the custodie of my said trustie friends and Brothers Sr William Selby, Thomas Riddell, Clement Strother and Lionell Strother to bee empoied by them to the best benefytt of my said Daughters untill they shall severally accomplish the age of nineteen yeares, and in the meane tyme for their better and more veruis education and psent maintenance my will is that my said loving friends and Brother Sir Willia, Thomas Riddell, Clement Strother and Lionell Strother shall yearly allow unto them severally such compenent and convenient allowance as in their discretions shall be thought fytting out of the profytts of their portions untill such tyme as they shall severally receave their said portions. And further by Will is that if any of my said Daughters doe happen to dye before they be married or receave their portions that then the portion of every such of my Daughters so dying shalbe equally divided amongs all the rest of my Daughters as shalbe then unmarried. And furder my will is that if it happens by eldest Sonn to be ward that then my said loving friends Sr Willia Selby, Thomas Riddell, Clement Strother and Lionell Strother shall with some part of my said Daughters portions purchase the wardship of my said Sonn if they cann wch if they do my Will is that out of his marriage money and wardship my Daughters shall have their money repaid back again. And if there bee any want of such sums as severally is allotted to them for the portions then my will is that the said sumes shalbe supplied out of the marriage money and Wardship of my said Sonn. And if there shalebe no defect then the supluss of the said money to goe to the use of John my son and heir apparent, unless my said Sonn John shall goe about to defeate and vitiate this my Will and deed of demise before mentioned, wch if he shall attempt to doe in any point whereby the same shalbe defeated or made voide as aforesaid then my Will is that as well the marriage money of my said Sonn as also all other profytts of his Wardship shalbe wholly employed to the encrease and making up of my said Daughterssaid portions. And of this my last Will and Testatment I make all my saide Daughters my joynt Executors. In witness whereof I have herto sett my Hand and Seale the thirtieth day of July in the ninth yeare of the raigne of or Saveraigne Lord James by the Grace of God King of England ffrance and Aerland, Defender of the Faith &c, and of Scotland the five and fortieth 1611. Lancelot Strother (LS) Sealed and published as the last Will of the said Lancelott Strother in the psence of these witnesses Tho Riddell, Clement Strother, Thomas Lyon. Winess John Balche, Lionell Strother.


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