The Last Will and Testament of Sir Bartholomew Burghersh, 1369

Sir Bartholomew Burghersh, Knight

Knight of the Garter

2nd Baron Burghersh

(1329 – 1369)

Source: Testamenta Vetusta

Transcribed by Nicholas Harris

Extract of Medieval Will


SIR BARTHOLOMEW BURGHERSH, KNT. Bartholomew Burghersh, Knight *, London, April 4, 1369- ‘

He died on Wednesday next after the Feast of the Epiphany 9th January, 44 Edward IH. anno 1371,  ^ Omitted both by Dugdale, and in the abstract in CoUins’s Peerage, vol. vi. p. 335. but copied from Harl. MSS. 6148. 3 19th August. * Knight of the Garter, and one of the founders of that most noble order. He was summoned to Parliament from the 31st to the 42d Edward HI. and died the 5th of April 1369,43 Edward HI. Dugdale’s Baronage, vol, ii. p. 36.


My body to be buried in the Chapel of Walsyngham, before the image of the Blessed Virgin, and thither to be carried with all speed, having one taper at the head and another at the feet where it rests the first night. Also I will that a dirige shall be there said, and in the morning a mass, whereat a noble shall be offered for my soul; that two lorches be carried along, one on one side, and the other on the other side, which are to be lighted at passing through every town, and then given to that Church wherein it shall rest at night. Likewise 1 will that the chariot in which it be carried shall be covered with led cendall, with the lion of my arms’ thereon, and my helmet at the head : and to every Church wherein it may rest all night the like cloth of cendall with my arms thereon, to be left. Also 1 will that every morning there shall be given to the poor of tbat place as much dole as my executors may think fit, and that on the day of my funeral no other cover be laid on my body than that of red cendall, with the lion of my arms, with my helmet, and also a taper at the head and another at the feet, and on each side a torch; to Margaret^, my wife, my lands in Wiltshire and in Wales; to Sir Walter Paveley a standing cup gilt with an L upon the cover, and also my whole suit of armour for the justs, with my coat of mail and sword; to Sir John Dassels. And I appoint Thomas Ferrers, the aforesaid Sir Walter Paveley, Thomas Hungerford, John Guildburghe, and Sir William Windsor, my executors. Witnessed by Sir John Dassels, Sir William Istell, and Sir William de Sutton.

‘ The arms of Burghersh were, Gules, a lion rampant double quev^e Or.



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