The Last Will and Testament of Richard Poynings, 1387

Richard Poynings, 4th Baron ‘Lord’ of Poynings (1355 – 1387), is my 19th great-grandfather he was knighted in London by King Richard II on the day of his coronation – 16th July 1377.

Richard was married to Isabel de Grey (1363 – 1397) and had two children. Johanna ‘Joan’ de Poynings who was born about 1383 and Robert de Poynings (1387 – 1446), Robert was born about six months after the death of his father.

On the 10th June 1387, Richard wrote his last will and testament, just days before he left England accompanied by John of Gaunt on an expedition to Spain.

15 days later Richard Poynings had died in Villalpando, Zamora, Spain, the reason for his death as far as I can tell is unknown.

His body or at least his heart (which was common practise) returned to England and buried in the parish church of Poynings, Sussex.

The Last Will and Testament of Richard Poynings, 1387

RICHARD LORD PONYNGES, 10 June 1387. To be buried in the parish church of Ponnynges “ad dextram” next Sir Thomas my brother Lord of Ponynges. I give to John Wolynton 100s., Hugh Onecch £10, John Secton of Holand 100s., Thomas Dodinsel 100s., Thomas Jay £4, Richard Clayton my chamberlain 20s., John Rolelegh 40s., John Apsele 20s., John Cruschle 20s., John Edward late my page £4, John Pykard of Sussex 20s., Richard Chilton called John Reus 40s., Adam Wycchyngg 20s., to the wife of William Borlee 100s. I leave to St. Mary of Walsyngham 40s., St. Mary of Wolepupes 20s., St. Mary of Newerk in Poules 10s., St. Mary Vndrecroft 3s. 4d., St. Mary “ad Powe” 3s. 4d., St. Mary atte ye Stronde 3s. 4d., St. Mary of Croweham in Surrey 3s. 4d. I leave to the honour of God Crucified of the Northdore in Poules 20s., to the Crucifix of Boxle in Kent 20s., the Crucifix of Hastynges in Sussex 10s., the Crucifix of Bromholm 10s. Item to Hailes where the Blood of Christ “dicitur esse” 10s. I leave £6 for a priest to celebrate in the church of Saints Peter and Paul in honour of God and of them in Rome for a year for my soul and all Christians. To Ethedrede of Elye 13s. 4d., to Leonard “in Chacea de Zele” 20s., St. James in “Ispaine” by such an one going there 10s. To Jerusalem by any one going there 20s., to St. Richard of Chichestr 40s. To the House and my Brethren of Mothinden £7. I leave then marks for 20 trentals to be celebrated for my soul and all Christians in the first year after my death.
To Johanne my daughter to her marriage from Ifeld, Peuerel Presten, Westdene, Leuelond, Stannden and Combisden 200 marc. To the child in my wife’s womb if it be a daughter £100. Executors: Sir William Percy Knight, Thomas Kenardeslee, Thomas Blast and I give each £20. To Matilda Ramald 15s. Item if my body cannot be buried in Ponnynges as before desired, then I wish that in my memory to be held between my friends the longer that there be bought a stone of ‘marbel’. (Last Will arranges for payment of debts and gifts to various persons).
I will that the patronage of Eslyng be sold and the sum received expended in Masses and trentalls for the souls of my very honoured Lord and Father de Ponynges my Lady my Mother etc and for the souls of Thomas Heryngaunt, Richard Ponnyngges my uncle, Robert Boteler and John de Lye. Manor of Wrentham called Northalle in Suffolk. Manors of Preston next Firlee and Westdene in Sussex and the manor of Ifeld Peuerel in Sussex and Surrey, the manor of Leuelond and the rent of Staundon and Combisdene in the Isle of Schapeye in Kent to be held by feoffees (after debts paid) for 20 years after my death etc etc.
Proved 26 September 1387. (Note: This is a long Will but the above are the only Kent references. According to Hasted Vol. II p. 771 Richard Ponyngs held Leveland II Ric. II but he records nothing as to the Sheppey property). (223b Courteney).


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