The Last Will and Testament of Sir William Boleyn, 1505 – of Hever

Sir William Boleyn

of Blickling & Hever

(1451 – 1505)

Extract of Will

Transcribed by L. L. Duncan

Sir William Boleyn (Hever) d. 8 Oct 1505. “Wherfore I now beyng in my full mynde and stedfast faith and in pfite charite aske or erg the Jhu and all the world ?mercy Trustyng verely that thrugh thy passion and with the socor and relief of that gracious lady thy moder and mayde to synners to hir callyng for helpe of grete petie very comfortable and in suche requests of the not denyed Seint Anne Seynt Antony Seynt Erasme Seynt George Seynt Cristofer Seynt Mary Magdalen Seynt Blase Seynt Katerine Seuynt Margarete Seynt Brigide Seynt Ursule, Seynt Apolony, Seynt Dorothee Seynt Jamys Seynt Roke Seynt Cristine Seynt Armegill holy Kyng Henry the VIth and Seynt Andrewe myn avowers to whose preservy and help I comytte my soule Trustyng verely that through their meanes I shalbe noon of the dampnable nowmbr but at the lest in the ?lvey of saluaion
To be buried in the Cathedrall Church in Norwich next to the Sepultur of dame Anne Boleyn my moder.
His manor of Bliklyng. Son Thomas. Dame Margaret my wif.
I will that doctr. Hugh freer Austyn of Norwich shall syng for my soule and also preche the worde of Almighty God within the Citie of Norwich and townez next adioynny by the space of iiij yeres taking for his stipendy yerely
iiijli. Doughters Alice and Margate at their marriage. 1000 mks between them.
Son Jamys son William when 21 – in def. sone Edward in def. son Thos. Manors in Norfolk, Bed and Hertf. and my manors of Heveir and Seall with appts. in Kent (to go as above). [etc. etc. not Kentish].
Proved 27 Nov 1505 by Thos Boleyn exor.


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