The Latin and English Last Will and Testament of John Martyn of Graveney, 1457

John Martyn

of Graveney

(1410 – 1457)

Source: Medieval & Tudor Kent P.C.C. Wills

Transcriptions by L. L. Duncan

Rochester Medieval Kent Wills – Book 7 page 71


This last will and Testament has been transcribed in Latin and English. (There are mistakes in the English Transcription).


Ego Johannes Martin senior filius Johannis Martin nupes justiciarius domini Regis de Bano comuni. 26 Aug 1457. Sep in ecclia. Sancte Trinitatis de Dertford in chord uxta? Ricardum Martin patrum meum. Sum alt. de Horton pro dec and 6/8. Fabrice eccl. ble Marie de Horton predict ad custodiendum ?dem anniversari mei fs? tres anno 20s. Sum alt. ecl? Sce? Mildrede de Nusted pro dec and 3/4. Fabrice ecclie ?frdict ad custod. dun 12. anniversi mei fs? tres annos 20s. Fabrice sal de Northflete to keep my anniversary for my soul and souls domini Wm Halle capni? fs? 4 years 26/8. Volo qd? Thos Charleton miles, Thos Frowich armiger Thos Balard armiger Thos Walsingham armiger and John Chepstede feoffati mei manerii mei de Nusted cum advocae. ecclie pdict? and om. ptm? et profrcius? immed.
after my death feoff Elizabeth my wife of and an in the same for her life paying yearly 5 marcs with clause of districcionis. Volo qd.? Johannes Martin filius meus and heres treat? sibi tern and tent mea que habeo in villis and ochus de Dertford and Mepeham excaptis duobus hospicus quorn onum docatr. Hospieur de Cols? and altern Hospicum de Horne et quadam domo iacent et situat in Lovehill uxta domin? Thome Rovet, que quiden hospicia and domin facio and ordino ad invemender? ydonen? capelland? divina celebratur in ecel Sae Trinit de Dert pro aie? mo?n and anime Patris mei and annui Rici Martin patrum mei and annually om anne and benef. Nuppetrum Postquam Exores mei una cum vicared de Dertford and duobus fidelicius de eadem pochia lenaudnit? inde et disposuerunt fs? amsaure?tum mei dicti Johannis Martin xxli. Si dict Johannis Martin obierit sune hered oni terr and except, as above remaneat Rico Martin fratri suo and heredibus. Si Ric. ob. gd. absit tunc rem. Isabelle et Johanne filiabus meis Si. Isabelle and Johanne ob. tunc terr then remaneat Rectis heredibus meis. Volo qd Ricus Martyn filius meus ?treat om ter and ter in villis and ?fs de Luddenham Lewisham and Bocton subtus le Blean. If he die to remain to John Martyn his brother and if he die to Isabelle and Johanne my daus. and in default to my executors to be sold and disposed for ?priests to celeb. in ecclia de Gravene in capella Sci Johannis fs? spacum septem annos and in other works of greatest charity for my soul my parents and benefactors for which sale of lands in Luddenham Lewisham and Boughton I will whosoever sells shall have 100s. for his labore. Volo qd
Elizabeth uxor mea habeat manerum meus de Franks cum toto et integro ?stanro emsden except 4 equis meis pro sella mea quos volo qd vendant ?fs excetores meos et ornatu meo pro corpora meo que volo qd dividam inter filios and filias meas Volo qd predict 5 marc remanet in hands of my feoffees of the Manor of Nusted be disposed yearly for a ?ydonem presbitus? divina celeb. in ecc. Sa Trin de Dertford quousqz? Johannos filius meus peruenerit? ad etaten 21 years and amplius Et alie 5 mrc lenenter de exitibus terr and tentore meorn in villis and poch? de Luddenham Lewisham and Boughton ad eundem ?psbitum et fs? idem tempus. Volo qd promise? ?ishus presbiteri frat per discrec. Magri Johannis Honole vicar ?ibm quam din? ipm? ibiden vicarum fore contigerut. Volo qd domina Anna Mater mea and domines Isabella Frowike Magister Johannes Hourle et Elizabeth uxor mea habeant gubernacion Johannis Martin and Rici Martin filiorm meor durante tempore non etatis eore? i.e. till they come to 21 years.
I will the grana and catalla mea in manerio de Nusted vendant and the money he received by my exors. Volo qd? totum ?toscum meum super terran mean in Mepeham vendate. Boscur meum cum fundo iacens mater Chellesfeld et due acr. bosci cum fundo iacent nixta Wodelond vendante. Volo qd Margeria soror mea heat 20 marks et quondam obligacionem 40 libram fact per quondam Elizabeth Tolham sibi deliberat. Volo qd Elzth ux mea heat om iocalia et ?platez nobis data in Maritagium nostrum integer. Volo qd. Johes fil mea heat ?vum par ?huthiam one par pelum de argento cooptarum and ?vnau Orateram de Auro ornatam cum perlis et one par magnax preclease de auro sibi et hereditus suis. For default to Richd Martin his brother and so from heir to heirs quam ?dm Remanserit ?alignis heres Johannis Martin nuper ?justica domini Regs ?pdict. Volo qd idem Johannes heat vnam ?Orateram de Argento deaurato ?cooptam cum virid Anamell super ?peden emsden. Volo qd Ricus fil meus heat vnam orateran plenam ?videlicz ?flat cooptum de arg. deaur. Et aliam ?Orateran de Arg. cooptam cum Armis meis in eadem Volo qd Isabella filia mea heat alian ?oratera de Arg. cooptan cum equis meis in ead Volo qd Johanna filia mea ?heal vnau oratera vocat a Lytill bolle pece flat de Argenti cooptam. Resid ?jocalia meorum viz Anulorum Broches Peces cuppes de Argenti et deaurati preclearun de Auro sine aliorm Jocalum rue fuerint Patris mei vendaner per exec. and money recd disposed by advise of my exors for soul of my father etc.
Et si lis vel contencio acciderit inter eos qd absit then by the greater part of them. Om bona que habeo domini Willm Halle capellam vendaner et inde emantr ?una capa valoris 4 mercaru and vnun bamer cloth pci 13/4 pro ecl sce Mildrede de Nusted 1 remainder by advice of exors and supervisors. Each of my daughters 100 mrcs to their marriage if so much is available and if not then t the discr. of exors Volo qd domini Anna mater mea and domus Isabella Frowike and Elizabeth ux mea habeant dispoc. in marriage of Isabel and Johan my daus. Exors Elizth my wife; Thos Balard armg; John Martin my son and heir and Thos Walsingham armig supervisor Magist Johannem Hornle onam Annan Martin matrem mean and dominan Isabellem Frowike If John my son et heres contradixerit hunc vet vol. mee adversus Ricrd. M. his brother then he shall not have lands etc in Mepeham ?negz Manerum de Maxstan sd qd dictus Ricus Habeat and gandeat sibi et hered ?saus.
Prob. ?Lamehith 19 Oct 1457. and com. to Elizth relict and ex.



I am the elder son of John Martin, John Martin, the chief justice of the Lord, the King of de Baños nupes common. Sep 26 Aug 1457. In Eccl.Holy Trinity Dertford in chord uxta? Richard Martin of mine. I alt. of Horton for dec and 6/8. Fabrice church. Mary Horton predict ble to keep? anniversari give my fs? three-year 20s. I alt. eel? See? Mildred from Nustede for dec and 3/4. Fabrice ecciie? Frdict to custody. dun 12. Anniversa my fs? three years 20s. Fabrice Northfleet to keep the salt of the souls of the WM Hall of fumitory has for my soul and my anniversary? fs? 4 years 26/8. I qd? Thos Charleton miles, Thos Frowich bearer Thos Thos Walsingham Balard armor-bearer and John Chipstead feoffati my manor, my Nustede with advocae. ecciie jidict? and om. ptm? and profrcius? immed. Elizabeth my wife after my death feoff of and paying yearly, or in 5 Marcius with the same clause of distraint for her life. I qd.? John Martin, the son and the heir of my treat? which I have in my own lands and tent villages and ochus of Dertford and Mepeham excaptis two hospice quorn onum docatr. Hospieur de Cols? and ältern Hospice of Horne and lie and are placed in a house Lovehill uxta domin? Rover Thomas, which, indeed, inns and Lord make his face and arrange to invemender? ydonen?capelland? Trinity of God is celebrated in ecel Sae Dert for ale? mo? n and souls of my father and of my father’s and annually om annual Rici Martin Anne and benefit. Nuppetrum After Exores me with vicared of Dertford and two fidelicius same pochia lenaudnit? and then disposed fs? amsaure, and also of me the said John Martin xxii. If the said John Martin died sune heirs oni land and except as above remain Rico Martin, his brother and his heirs. If Rio. account. gd. Far be it then. If these my daughters, Isabelle and John. Isabelle and Jean account. Then this land, then I remain to the right heirs. I qd Rico Martyn my son? Treat all three times and three times in the villages and? Fs of Luddenham Lewisham and Boughton under Blean le. If he die if he to remain to die to Isabelle and John Martyn John his brother and my dans. and in default to my executors to be sold and disposed for? priests to celeb. fs in the ecciia de graven in the chapel of the Sci Johannis? Spaces of greatest charity for seven years, and in other works which my soul my parents and benefactors for sale of land in Luddenham Lewisham and whosoever will sell shall have Boughton 1 100s. for his effort. Swaffham I want to have my qd Elizabeth Franks with the whole, and without my wife? I want to, which is my seat for my horses stanro emsden qd 4 except to sell them? Fs excetores mine eyes, and for the bodies of the ornament, which I for my and my daughters, I want to I want to qd qd I will divide among the children of the aforesaid 5 remains in the hands of my feoffees of the Manor of marc Nustede be disposed yearly for a? qualified to be a priest?Divine celeb. In ecc. Sa trip of Dertford quousqz? John, my son arrived? to etaten 21 years and more than 5 mrc lenenter and other issues of land and tentoris meorn in the villages and poch?Luddenham Lewisham and Boughton about the same? psbiter and fs?at the same time. I qd promise? ? Ishu priest frat through discrec.Magri John Honole vicar? Ibm how long? ipm? ibiden vicars would contigerut. I qd lady Anna, my mother and my wife, Lady Isabel Frowik Master John Hourle and Elizabeth have gubernacion John Martin and Rici Martin filioru meor age leore during your time? ie till they come to 21 years. 1 chattels in the manor of the grant and will sell them and the money he received by my Nustede go without his part. I qd? whole? Tosca my terran mean Mepeham sell. Boscur my mother lying on the bottom Chellesfeld and two acres. wood bottom lie nixt Wodelond vendante. I want my sister Margery qd heat 20 marks and 40 pound fact, once the obligation by the late Elizabeth tolht him deliberately. I qd Elzth ux my heat and all the jewels? Platez given in marriage is intact. I qd. Jones fit my heat? New pair? Huthiam one pair of basins and silver adorning? Vnau Orateram of gold adorned with the wreck and one pair magnax preclease of gold for themselves and their heritage. For default to Rich Martin, his brother and so from heir to the heirs? Dm left? Alignis heir John Martin recently? Justica of Regs? Jidict. I qd John heat one? Orateram of silver gilt? Cooptis with green Anamell over? Peden emsden. I qd Rico fit my heat one orateran full? Videlicz? Flat adorning the argument. deaur. And another one? Orateran de Arg. cooptis with my arms in the same qd I want my daughter Isabella heat alian? oratera of Arg. cooptan with my horses in ead qd Johanna want my daughter? heal vnau oratera calls from Lytill bolle flat pece of silver adorning.Resid? Trinkets my wit Rings Broches Peces drinking out of gold, silver and gilded preclearun rue been without other trinkets of my vendan by exec. reed disposed by advise of my go without his part for soul and money of my father etc. And if the issue has happened to a dispute among them, or God forbid, then by the greater part of them qd. Om goods to and from the Will Halle chapel vendan Emants una capa value 4 purchase and vnun Barner cloth pci 13/4 for eel see Mildred Nustede 1 remainder by the advice of go and supervisors.Each of my daughters 100 MRCS to their marriage if so much is available and if not then i the disc. Anna, my mother and I would go qd master of the house, my wife Elizabeth and Isabella Frowik have dispoc. in marriage of Isabel and Johan my dans. Exors Elizth my wife; Thos Balard armg; John Martin, my son and heir and Thos Walsingham armig supervisor Master John Hornle Oman Annan Martin’s mother mean and dominion Isabel Frowik If John my son and heir, says the vet, vol. mee against Ricrd. M. his brother then he shall not have lands etc. in Meopham? Negz manera de Maxstan sd qd said Rico needs and gandeat himself and his heirs? Saus. Prob. ? Lamehith Oct 19, 1457, and com. to Elizth relict and out.


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