The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Warre Esquire, 1542

Thomas Warre Esquire

of Hestercombe

(1472 – 1542)

Source: Somerset Medieval Wills

Published in 1901

by Weaver, Frederic William, 1853-1933, ed



[ii Spert.] May 5th, 1542. Thomas Warre, esquire. My body to be buried in the church at Kyngiston, to which church 6s. JW/. To the vicar there 6s. Sd. To the maintenance of the torches 20^. To the bells, 2Ck/. To the high aulter y. 41/, To the churches of Monkton and Cheddon y. 4//. each. To the church of Bromefyld 20^. To the marriage of my three daughters 600 marks equally among them, each ha\’ing four marks yearly to their finding until they shall have received their marriage money. To each of my sons /40 and four marks j^eariy for their finding till they shall have received their said portion.s. To Christian my wife all the goods that were her mother’s, and she to have the parsonage of Kyngiston for my term of years to come, so long as she live sole. And if she marr>’ or (lie before the end of my term, my son John to have the parsonage. To my said wife al’ the corn in the bams at the said parsonage. To my servant Richard Clowter my black gown, a black sattcn doublet, a black jackett, and all my black cappes of cloth. To Rayndld my seivant, my cloth gown gardyd with tawny velvet. The residue to my son Richard Warre, execuU^r, and if he refuse to execute my will, my brother Richard Chidley and my cosens John Wyndham, Alexander Puphain, and Michel! Malett, to be executors and to take as much of the issues of my lands and tenements as the Law will permit for the execution of my will, until my said heir and executor Richard Warre shall make such surety unto them for the performance of my will as shall be convenient. Provided my sons shall be ordered by my said executor and my said trusty friends until they come to 24 years of age, and my daughters likewise in marriage. Witnesses : Roger Cluett, esquire, John Verney, gentleman, Richard Geofifryc, vicar of Kyngiston, Richard Clowter. Proved November 2nd, 1542.


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